Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children (2023)

Essay on My Hobby

Habits are an integral part of who we are. Our habits represent the things we do with our free time the most. Every person possesses some ability, which they express through their interests and gain some level of expertise in.

Hobbies are a necessary component of human existence because they encourage growth, which can occasionally result in the development and that hobby developing into an obsession. Hobbie can be a tool for learning new things and expanding one’s understanding of existing ones. Individuals with habits typically keep to themselves by engaging in their favorite activities.

In this essay, which is 150, 250, 350, and 500 thoughts long, there are four pieces of various interests. For children, young adults, and students to comprehend more quickly and improve their reading skills, the essays provided below are written in an easy-to-understand language.

150 Words in My Interest Article

Taking pictures is one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy capturing every action that is taking place in front of me. My dad is a wildlife artist, and he showed me how to maintain and concentrate on an object. When I see my father’s clicked pictures, I get goosebumps because I feel like they are intact and contain a lot of truth.

Although I am too young to become a photojournalist, I want to be like my father and make this activity my passion. The art of images is to capture the moment you’re in. You can take a picture of the entire situation as it is happening right now. I adore this aspect of pictures the most.

It serves as a means of expression. My father gives me the lens, and I take pictures anywhere I go. Everywhere we go, the lens is always with me. My passion is photos, and I’ll soon make it my job. In the future, I hope to become a photographer and an actor.

Essay on My Hobby
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Writing for My Interest 250 Words

Habits are the things we enjoy doing the most in our spare time. Habits stand for the activities we enjoy doing the most. My favorite pastime is reading. I read a variety of books in my free time, and I feel compelled to complete them as soon as I may. The longest time I can spend finishing one publication is one year.

I learned to read from my family, which became a habit. She used to read me some books when I was younger and encouraged me to attempt reading because it is a great habit. I then realize that it is the most incredible thing in my life. I’ve benefited from reading novels by expanding my English vocabulary and writing abilities. This attitude has many benefits, such as sharpening your IQ and enhancing your language and vocabulary abilities.

When I have trouble understanding the challenging thoughts, my family assists me. When she is not present, I look up the challenging terms in the dictionary. I’ve read a lot of English novels. Sci-fi and literature are two of my favorite genres. It’s a good practice for everyone because it encourages people to learn new things, become knowledgeable about them, and adopt fresh viewpoints.

People may make an effort to learn more frequently because it boosts our intelligence and confidence. I always get tired of reading. Reading publications is beneficial for everyone and is the best pastime ever because it allows you to learn new things and get a lot of information.

 My Hobby Essay
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350 Word Essay on My Interest

Habits are an essential component of individuals; they enjoy engaging in activities that make them happy in their free time. Habits are a fun way to pass the time. It promotes development and increases productivity. I have my habits, just like everyone else.

My favorite pastime is writing. I simply enjoy writing in my spare time when I am at peace. Since I was in the third grade, I have had this reading behavior. I learned this behavior from my aunt. She is a well-educated woman who enjoys writing. She gave me the inspiration to write poetry and brief rates.

The world is constantly experiencing things. Either by living openly or by recording our thoughts, we can easily show ourselves. Consider gathering the phrases and writing them down on paper if you ever feel stressed or overly heavy-hearted.

I can rattle off all as I write, my sorrows vanish, and my confidence is revived, according to a well-known estimate by Anne Frank. This means that as a man writes, whatever changes as their courage grows and their pain lessens. My favorite author is Anne Frank. I’ve been able to sharpen my speech knowledge thanks to reading.

It has also given me more self-assurance. Yet my memoirs are kept. I keep a journal entry every day. I write in my book about myself, my friends and family, how my evening went, and what I accomplished throughout the day. I occasionally rewrite mythical tales from my textbooks.

As it corrects our spelling mistakes, it is a great pastime. I write to put my heart out in websites, not to pass the time. I feel calm and stress-free as a result. Everything and everyone motivates me to read more. Reading effectively raises our Intelligence and makes us smarter.

This hobby rarely gets old to me; it keeps me occupied and creative all day. I spend my time studying and writing in this manner. My aspiration is to write as well as Anne Frank and William Shakespeare. If this behavior persists in me always, I hope to become one.

500 words in my passion article

Habits play a crucial role in people’s lives. They stand for a child’s character and abilities. Being creative and artistic in your own way is the best benefit of having a hobby. Different folks enjoy a variety of interests and activities in their free time.

Cricket is one of my favorite pursuits, and I love to play it the most. In addition to playing cricket, I have different interests like painting and sketching. Habits develop a person’s creativity and creative ability. Baseball is the best sport for people interested in sports.

Cricket is a game that is popular all over the world and is played by people of all races, castes, and creeds. Since I was seven years old, I have been playing baseball. In the evenings, my neighborhood companions and I play baseball.

We play baseball in a 11 vs. 11 group. Cricket is a well-liked sport that has variety because it is played by virtually anyone. When I was younger, my older associates taught me how to perform baseball. They not only assisted me in practicing, but they also gave me advice on how to spin the ball and swing the pitcher so that you don’t get out quickly.

My love for this interest has now evolved into a wish, and I will soon make it my profession. When I grow up, I want to get a cricket player. I’ve participated in four regional baseball games that were put on by a school. Using has made me more self-assured.

After playing this game for so many decades, it has changed my real appearance, and I feel more healthy. I now effectively teach my nephew how to play baseball. People also pursue careers in the cricket industry because batsmen make enormous sums of money simply by playing.

Because of this, bowling is my favorite pastime, and I hope to become a batsman in the future. I go to my school to perform cricket with my colleagues when I have free time. My sports instructor loves me because I am always on time, I always arrive late for practice sessions, and I work hard to win the match. Virat Kohli is my favorite baseball player.

Virat Kohli once remarked,” No baseball team in the world depends on one or two people ,” which is a well-known proverb. The goal of every game is to succeed. We play to win every time. Every day, I pray to the Lord to strengthen my abilities and lessen my weaknesses so that I may realize my vision.

A very good activity is playing. In addition to boosting our immunity and strength, it also improves our physical appearance. There is no age restriction for anyone to play, and playing is in fact a great attitude. It maintains a person’s health, vitality, and activity throughout the day.

Additionally, it relieves stress and tension and improves our feelings. A wonderful source of entertainment and enjoyment is playing. To remain healthy and fit, people should participate in one or more sports. More than anything else, I adore playing cricket, and my home encourages me to pursue a career in this sport.


I may conclude by saying that habits are in fact the most crucial aspects of people’s lives. A person is insufficient without them. Habits aid in mental relaxation. Habits are a fun way to pass the time. Habits can also be a fantastic form of entertainment.

We’ll wrap up by giving you the top four articles on each of a person’s four primary interests. I hope these essays will be helpful to you.


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