Ex-Facebook And Ex-Nike Diversity Manager Committed Fraud Of $5 Million, Gets 5 Years Of Jail


Ex-Facebook and Ex-Nike diversity manager Barbara Furlow-smile committed fraud of more than $5 Million in the Company. She was sentenced to Jail for 5 Years and 3 months, she said in court that she did this for the fund luxury lifestyle. 

She was declared guilty in December of fraud of more than $5 Million from Facebook. She was doing fraud schemes of vendors, fake invoices and cash kickbacks. 

Barbara Furlow-smile was 38 years old, she did this on Facebook and after terminating Facebook she did the same with Nike. She was the DEI leader at Nike and she stole another 6-digit number from Nike, as told by Buchanan(lawyer).

According to Prosecutors, when Barbara Furlow-smile was on Facebook, she linked PayPal, Venmo and her Cash app accounts to her Facebook credit cards. Then she used those credit cards to pay her friends, relatives and others for purported goods and services for the company that were never delivered.

Most of the money was delivered to those who were kicked back to Barbara, said Perspectives. From sentencing, the perspective said that Meta started finding out about her background and else she started this scheme within months of joining in 2017. From investigation, they found she had done this before also, she manipulated those who were close to her and those who trusted her former interns, who considered her a mentor.

When she got fired from Facebook in the middle of 2021, then she started working for Nike from November to February 2023 as a Senior Director of diversity. She had the same scheme in Nike also which she did with Facebook, as told by the prosecutor.

Barbara Furlow-smile lives in Marietta with her 8-year-old daughter and her husband. She was sentenced to jail for 5 years and 3 months on Monday in Atlanta federal court. District Judge Steven Grimberg ordered her to pay the penalty of $4.98 Million to Facebook and $121,000 Million to Nike. 

The prosecutor said that aside from stealing money, she did the more loss of the company, Meta lost more than $4.5 Million in other expenses like attorney’s fees, Then the court did the justice for Facebook. 

Then Nike came and told to prosecutors that, she was the leader of the company, and they thought that she knew the value of “Doing the Right thing” which is the main motive of the Nike company. Nike said Ms. Furlow-Smiles violated our trust would be an understatement. The fraud committed by Ms. Furlow-Smiles violated the trust of and devastated the employees who managed and worked with her.’ ”

The lawyer of Furlow-smile, Lance Clarke said, “She’s a great mother and a good person.” and “When you’re standing in court, you read the charges, but a lot of time the charges don’t make up the full totality of a human being.” 

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