Famous French Actress Anouk Aimee Dies At 92

Anouk Aimee

Anouk Aimée, the famous  French actress well-known for her iconic roles in films like “A Man and a Woman” and “La Dolce Vita,” was died at the age of 92.

Her death news was confirmed by a man named, Sébastien Perrolat, who stated that she died on Tuesday morning surrounded by her loved ones. Aimee’s daughter, Manuela Papatakis, shared the news on social media, expressing deep sadness and gratitude for the time spent with her mother.

Cause Of Death Of Anouk Aimee

Family and friends of Angela Bofill were in mourning condition after her death. The main cause of the death of the famous French Actress Anouk Aimee was not publicly disclosed by the authorities. The Information provided only talks about her life, and career, instead of describing the cause of her death.

Obituary Of Anouk Aimee

“The funeral place of Anouk Aimee was not officially disclosed by the authorities”. According to the sources. Everyone on social media was curious to know about the location of the funeral of Anouk Aimee.

Her daughter shared the news of the death of Anouk Aimee but didn’t share the exact location of where the funeral takes place.

Who was Anouk Aimee And His Family?

Anouk Aimée was born as Nicole Françoise Florence Dreyfus in Paris, France on April 27, 1932.

Her parents were actors – her father was Henri Murray (born Henry Dreyfus) and her mother was Geneviève Sorya.

Aimée started her  career in acting during her teenage years, and made her on-screen debut in the year 1946 by the film “La Maison Sur La Mer.”

The name ‘Anouk Aimme was adopted by her on the encouragement of French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prevert, “Anouk” means “beloved” in French. 

Aimee’s breakthrough came in 1960 by the role in Federico Fellini’s film “La Dolce Vita,” which is regarded as one of the most famous movies in Italian cinema history. 

Three years later, she starred in another Fellini film, “8½.” 

Aimee’s iconic performance in Claude Lelouch’s 1966 film “A Man and a Woman” makes her a BAFTA award winner for best actress, and an Oscar nomination for best actress. This was the first time an actor or actress had been nominated for a French-language performance.


Her parents were actor Henri Murray (born Henry Dreyfus) and actress Geneviève Sorya. 

Aimee had one child, a daughter named Manuela Papatakis. Manuela announced Aimee’s death on Instagram, saying “I was beside her when she died this morning, at her home in Paris.” 

Aimée was married four times:

  • Edouard Zimmermann (1949-1950, divorced) 
  • Nikos Papatakis (1951-1955, 1 child) 
  • Pierre Barouh (1966-1969, divorced) 
  • Albert Finney (1970-1978, divorced) 


What was age of Anouk Aimee on the death?

She was 92 years old on the death.

What is the cause of the death of Anouk Aimee?

The reason for the death of Anouk Aimee has not been publicly disclosed yet.

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