Father of Black Studies, Dr Nathan Hare, Dies at 91

Nathan Hare

Recently sad news came out Dr.Nathan Hare, “ A Father of Black Studies” and “ A Sociologist”,  who helped people lead a five-month strike by San Francisco State. University facility member Dies on 10 June 2024 at 91. He’s died in a hospital in San Francisco.

Death Cause of Dr Nathan Hare

Dr.Nathan Hare a Sociologist died on 10 June 2024 at the age of 91. His death was Confirmed By his close friend Marvin X the poet and Playwright. The death Cause of Dr Nathan Hare wasn’t disclosed by any family member of Nathan. He died in a hospital In San Francisco.

Who is Dr Nathan Hare? And why he was widely Considered the Father of Black Studies?

Nathaniel Hare Is the real name of Nathan Hare. He was born on 9 April 1933 in Slick Oklahoma City. He was an American Sociologist, academic, Activist and psychologist. In the United States in 1968 he became the first person hired To Coordinate a Black studies program. he’s selected for the program at the San Francisco State University. Nathan graduated from Langston University and the University Of Chicago. while teaching a Harward University He became the first involved in the Black Power Movement. Scholarly Periodical Called The Black Scholar Dr. Hare went to find it.  In a San Francisco State Faculty a Journal of Black Studies and Research with Robert Christman another Former member of San Francisco. In California, around this time Nathan returned to School to earn his doctorate. 

About the Family of Dr Nathan Hare

At the age of 11, Nathan was settled with his family in San Diego California, in the war action during the Great Migration. Hare’s mother got a job as a Civilian Janitorial at Naval Air Station.  Hare’s mother Lost his job after the II World War And they back to Okhla with his Family. Hare was married to a fellow Longston student Julia Reed in 1956. Hare’s wife died in 2019. and They had no children.

what is the Death cause Of Dr Nathan Hare?

A father of Black Studies Dies at 91. The Death cause of Nathan Hare was not Disclosed By Nathan’s Family member.

What is Nathan Hare Famous for?

Nathan Hare was the first person hired to coordinate a Black Studies program in the United States. He established the program at San Francisco State University.

Who is the Father of Black Studies?

Dr.Nathan Hare is known as the Father of Black Studies.

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