Florida Rapper Julio Foolio Shot Dead In Tampa After Birthday Celebration

Florida rapper Julio Foolio shot dead in Tampa after birthday Celebration

Florida Rapper Julio Foolio (Born: June 21, 1998), his real name is Charles Jones, was shot and killed on Sunday morning in Tampa, his lawyer confirmed this news. In Tampa, the police were called to a hotel in uptown a few hours before sunrise and received reports of a shooting at the address.

He was just shot two days after his 26th birthday. In Tampa, there is the Inn Hotel, where he stays to enjoy his holiday, after being forced to leave an Airbnb where he was hosting a party, the New York Post reported. He shared an Instagram story showing him celebrating his birthday party in a pool alongside friends and fans at the Airbnb.

He was an American Rapper his girlfriend, Mani, announced his demise on social media. She said you all took my boyfriend from me. I hate you all and I will not be the only one crying, however, her account now seems to be private. 

There were three people sustained injuries and one person was killed in the shooting incident outside a Tampa Hotel. The rapper Foolio was identified as he was no longer told by the reporter. 

Know More About The Foolio Tragedy And Police Probe

According to the police investigation, Foolio and his friends started finding another location to continue their celebrations after cops arrived on the spot to spot the party after it got too rowdy. There are two cars, which were reportedly parked outside the hotel when they serve armed men arrived and started firing on Foolio’s car.

The News Channel 8 said that we have learned, and early in the investigation, two cars were shot at, Jonee Lewis, who works as a spokesperson for the Tampa police department. On his social media, the rapper Foolio said that his 26th birthday party was the best in his life.

Was The Rapper Foolio Facing Any Life Threat?

The rapper Foolio was a well-known member of the Jacksonville group KTA, which has a protracted conflict with rival gangs as per the First Coast News. In 2023, the rapper Foolio was attacked by an unknown person assailant in Jacksonville his suburban neighborhood. First, he was shot in the foot, leaving him with a serious wound and multiple fractured bones. 

During the rapper Foolio’s brother’s birthday party in 2018, his cousin and three teenagers died following a gang-related shooting by the authorities. As of Sunday, authorities are still looking through hotel security footage and no suspect has been taken into custody.

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