Florida Sheriff’s Office Fires Deputy Who Fatally Shot Black Airman at Home

Florida sheriff s office fires deputy who fatally shot Balck airman at home

A black airman was shot at home by a Florida sheriff’s office deputy who fatally shot the airman. He said the deputy’s life would never be in danger if he had not fired his weapon. Duran shot Fortson 23 times at multiple places and after 2 seconds he opened his door Fortson was lying down on the floor he had his legal gun in his hand.

A sheriff’s internal affairs said that while investigating Fortson did not make any attacking movement for anything else that can thread Duran. Investigators said that an officer cannot shoot only because a suspect is holding a gun without threatening him.

In the investigation, Duran said according to the internal affairs that when Fortson opened the door for them he could see the anger in the airman’s eyes. 

Duran said he shot because he was thinking while standing there I’m about to get shot and I’m about to die. He said the actions of Fortson are not like a normal human, it could be me or it could be him I just opposed the reaction. No one gets arrested, but the case is still going on in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The shot happened between 4 p.m. on 3 May and his neighbor who lives near his apartment in Fort Walton Beach’s Elan Apartments. Call the management office and said that she was hearing some argument noise from Fortson’s apartment.

In the investigation, she also said to the police that according to me Fortson may be in a relationship because she heard many times a voice of women from Fortson’s apartment.

She said the normal arguments usually happen in his apartment but the argument of Friday was someone else, also said that she thought there was a child also.

Fortson has no criminal record and lived alone in his apartment and there were no guests also. On 3 May afternoon, he was talking to her girlfriend on a video call. His girlfriend said in the investigation that Fortson was playing a game.

After listening to some unexpected sounds from Fortson’s apartment, the manager of the complex called the sheriff’s office around 4:25 p.m. and after 3 minutes Duran arrived there and met the manager in the parking. 

Before The Incident Of Shooting Fortson

When Duran arrived at Fortson’s apartment, he said I stood in front of the gate for at least 20 seconds without saying anything and he could not hear anything from inside. After that, he knocked on the door but no response came from inside. Then he moved away from the door about 5 feet because he told the investigator, that he feared that if Fortson fired or pushed the door he could be harmed in that situation.

He waited again for 15 seconds and pounded the door again. This time he shouts “Sheiff’s office open the door”. Then he moved again from the door and this time he could hear a very blurry and low voice who was cursing the police. He again pounded the door after 10 seconds and introduced himself again.

A girlfriend of Fortson’s told investigators that once Fortson told him he would not answer door knock because no one came to his apartment. Maybe Fortson didn’t listen to the sheriff’s office and she said after the third knock he would carry a gun before opening the door because he didn’t know who would be there.

Then after the third knock of Duran, Fortson opened the door holding a gun in his hand, Duran said step back and then started firing. Fortson fell on the floor backward. After Sometime he died because of so much loss of blood.

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