The Founder Of Statins ‘Akira Endo’ Died at the Age of 90, Death Cause

Akira Endo

The Japanese Scientist “Akira Endo” died at the age of 90 and he was born in 1933 in Japan in a rural area. He is the founder of the cholesterol-lowering compound that helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. He did so much research, He found out about cholesterol in 1973, and he made the medicine, that helps people with heart problems most people don’t know that he made the solution for heart problems. 

The biochemist is inspired by Alexender Fleming’s discovery of penicillin and he was promoting him to study fungi and mould in his quest to find the medicines. 

He gives tribute to Professor Bryan Williams chief scientific and medical officer at the British Heart Foundation, he said that this professor is a “remarkable scientist”. 

He said on BBC News “This really was the forerunner to the development of statin drugs,” and “They have absolutely transformed the prevention of heart disease and stroke.”

He said that there were very few treatments that happened in these few years and had a dramatic impact. Dr. Alexander Fleming did not get the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Prof William said, “Amazingly, the man who began the process of working out how to deal with the problem of cholesterol – and provided a treatment that benefited and saved the lives of many, many millions of people never got the prize.” “I think that’s a shame.”

This drug saves thousands of lives in the UK per year maybe more than that and saves worldwide more than that, because of this drug the heart patient gets life.

Cholesterol is a very fatty material that is made in the liver and then transferred to the body through blood. Some Cholesterol is needed by the human body to maintain good health but more cholesterol can block your arteries and cause problems in blood flow.

Statins help for bad lower cholesterol and keep your vessels and blood clean from fatty cholesterol. Statins are a very good medicine for heart patients.

What is Akira Endo’s Death Cause?

The news is coming from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, that the founder of statins “Akira Endo” died at the age of 90. There is no such information about the cause of death, according to “The New York Times”.

How Statins Discover By Professor Akira Endo

Akira Endo was born in 1933 in Japan’s rural area. He went to Tohoku University to study biochemistry. He made his mega discovery when he was for the pharmaceutical company, Sankyo, in Tokyo in 1973.

The discovery took many years of studying and thousands of fungi to find that lowered Cholesterol. Their first attempts on animals proved that it is very bad right now to give it to patients. After that other pharmaceutical companies also started research on the topic.

After so many tests and failures, In 1987 the first statin “lovastatin” was approved for use in US clinics. Fungi started spawning on our most important drugs, it happens mostly in the antibiotic penicillin.

Dr Fleming found this by chance in 1928, when returned from the holidays to find the mould growing in a Petri dish containing bacteria, and he noticed that mould produced a chemical that stopped the bacteria from growing. After that the substance known as penicillin.

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