Goddess Cafe Terrace Release Date [Trailer, News]

Goddess Cafe Terrace Release Date
There will be another Seo Kouji comic translation. It’s time for Goddess Café Terrace to be released on display in April 2023.

More or less, you will understand the series concept if you are familiar with other Seo’s works( A Town Where You Live and Fuuka ). This line combines play, love, and a dash of ecchi as is customary.

A new relationship animation with five women attempting to prevent the café from closing down alongside their boss is available now!

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Transfer meeting for Goddess Café Terrace

Transfer meeting for Goddess Café Terrace

At 10:00 PM( UTC ), the countdown to April 7, 2023 begins.



The Goddess Café Terrace has now gone live!

It has been confirmed that the comics Goddess Café Terrace by Seo Kouji is animated. Weekly Shonen Magazine No. published the formal news. which was made available on September 13th, 2022. However, a month prior to the publication of the magazine, the official Twitter account ruined it for fans.

Therefore, on November 10, 2022, the established website was created. It displayed the throw, key staff, a teaser image, and an PV. The premiere of Goddess Café Terrace will take place in April 2023.

On March 3, 2023, the most recent data was made public. Goddess Café Terrace did undoubtedly debut on April 8, 2023.

Along with the release date, the principal cast’s complete VA has been revealed. There are six Van who have been officially introduced. They’ re,

  • Kusakabe Hayato as Minzunaka Masaaki
  • As Makusawa Ouka, Aoki Ruriko
  • As Ono Shiragiku, Waki Azumi
  • As Hououji Akane, Seto Asami
  • Tsukishima Riho as Yamane Aya
  • As Tsuruga Ami, Suzuhiro Sayumi
  • Kusakabe Sachiko as Kazue Ikura

Looking at that line-up is a little unexpected. For the document, on May 16, 2021, the comic type released a PV. All different characters were voiced by Akari Kito, even though Kusakabe Hayato, the principal figure, isn’t mentioned. Supporters were hoping she would return to playing one of the characters, but she doesn’t.

Trailer for Goddess Café Terrace

On March 3, 2023, the ultimate Solar was made available. The main character card is revealed in the video, beginning with Kusakabe Hayato and the other heroines.

Like any other Tezuka Production work, the entire Solar ends up being good enough with excellent color and easy living.

Nerlame is playing the opening theme,” Unmei Kyoudoutai ,” which is shown in the PV, while Miki Satou plays the closing theme of” Dramatic.”

We can anticipate that The Quintessential Quintuplets and Girlfriend will be of the same caliber as their debut year. It’s also important to note that the majority of the team is essentially the same as in those two line.

Tezuka Production’s Kuwahara Satoshi will lead the anime, and Keiichirou Oochi did write the series. Figure design will be handled by Noguchi Masatsune, and Miki Sakurai and Kanematsu Shuu will collaborate on the songs.

Story of Goddess Café Terrace

The plot centers on Kusakabe Hayato, who succeeds on his first attempt at the exam at Tokyo University. However, he learns about his grandmother’s passing at the same time. So, after three years, he decides to return back.

He had a battle with his mother, which is why he fled the house. He also visits the two-story home with the floor surface serving as a café despite his hatred for her.

He was unaware that there are five young people residing in her mother’s house. They work for the café that his mother has been stealing from for years.

He decides to completely obliterate the home and convert it into a parking lot because he is being reasonable. Because the café is close to a shore and is busy in the summer, he intends to earn some extra cash.

He realizes, however, that he doesn’t really despise his mother after consuming the pilau Ouka made. He merely aspires to success so that he can repay what others have said to his mother. Hayato desires a life of luxury, whereas the grandmother desires modesty. He left three years ago for that reason.

He asks the women to show him the café’s profile book out of the blue. They often end up in crimson, it turns out. Instead of pursuing the advice to run the café, he finds himself in a desperate situation.

He then makes the decision to move the café with the girls. Is he bring the café back to life after its user passes away?

News from Goddess Café Terrace

Seo Kouji is the author of the Japanese comic Goddess Café Terrace, Megami no Kafe Terasu in Japanese. In February 2021, it started appearing on Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Nine amounts of comic make up the book, the most recent of which was published on February 17, 2023.

Since 2002, Seo has served as the Weekly Shonen Magazine’s mangaka for Kodansha. Beginning with Cross Over( 2002 – 2003 ), Suzuka( 2004 – 2007 ), A Town Where You Live( 2008 – 2014 ), Fuuka( 2014 – 2018 ), Hitman( 2018 – 2021 ), and Goddess Café Terrace( 2021 – present ), he released a large number of manga with nearly the same romance subgenre.

Although the majority of the series have been adapted, none of them can go on to the next year. After Suzuka, A City Where You Live, and Fuuka, Goddess Café Terrace will be the third manga to be adapted.

Does Goddess Café Terrace meet Seo Kouji fans with that kind of track record and break the first-season barrier for a first time? In the flower of 2023, this rush for it!


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