Gridman Universe Release Date [Trailer, Story]

Gridman Universe Release Date

Gridman Universe, a well-known superhero crossing, debuted in theaters on March 24, 2023.

The sudden crossover does occur between two ostensibly distinct timelines in the same universe.

with the verified universe found in SSSS. The manufacturer will have to use all of his brainpower to connect the two kingdoms, GRIDMAN. Or is it probable that Gridman and Dynazenon live in the same world? There are still so many treasures shrouded in the fog.

This hope the next video has the solution.

Transfer meeting for Gridman Universe

Transfer meeting for Gridman Universe

Countdown to March 24, 2023 at 11:00 AM( UTC )



The Gridman Universe has already been made available!

Gridman Universe‘s job movie was unveiled on December 13, 2021. Up then, it was known as GRIDMAN x DYNAZENON.

At the TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2021 Specific System, the announcement was made. They made mention of the SSSS team members. SSSS and GRIDMAN. DYNAZENON returns to the undertaking.

Later, in soon September 2022, the Gridman Universe Showcase was announced. The occasion took place on November 21, 2022.

The” Gridman Universe” movie’s official title was set at that occasion. The discharge meeting, which is March 24, 2023, was also made public.

Universe Trailer for Gridman

On February 10, 2023, the next Solar was made available. The PV provides a brief overview of how the two kingdoms are intertwined with one another.

The risk posed by Kaiju persists even after Akane leaves the Gridman universe and Gauma makes a self-sacrifice. Once more, gridman assistance is needed to save the planet.

Fortunately, Gridman and Dynazenon‘s employees return to work on this project. The line will be produced by Akira Amemiya, who will also guide it. Keiichi Hasegawa did write the script, and Masaru Sakamoto will create the personality design. Shirou Sagisu did also compose the line.

Along with the Solar and release date, the cast was likewise revealed at the same time. Returning members of Gridman and Dynazenon‘s put.

  • Gridman Midorika Hikaru
  • As Hibiki Yuuta, Hirose Yu Yuya
  • Takarada Rikka as Miyamoto Yume
  • Utsumi Shou as Saitou Souma
  • Asanaka Yomogi as Enoki Junya
  • As Minami Yume, Wakayama Shion
  • Yamanaka Koyomi as Umehara Yuuichirou
  • Asukagawa Chise as Anzai Chika

Masayoshi Oishi will provide the theme song,” uni – verse ,” just like the other two predecessors.

Story of the Gridman Universe

There is a particular life known as Kaiju that breeds disaster. It wrecks havoc in the center of the town and scatters debris in its wake.

There is a particular existence that must stop and destroy the Kaiju, just like there is oil and water.

The history of the Gridman Universe is based on the conflict between companies with a dash of play between the affiliated sides.

Even though the conflict in each planet is over, Kaiju also poses a threat. Both worlds appear to be in danger from a new kind of army.

They fight the menace collectively this time. The partnership between Gridman and Dynazenon is about to begin.

May they prevent the impending catastrophe for the world?

News from the Gridman Universe

The 90s Chinese tokusatsu” Giant Hero” line Denkou Choujin Gridman( Lightning Superman Gridmen ), which was produced by Tsuburaya Productions and is also credited with creating Ultraman, served as the inspiration for the gridman world.

Akira Amemiya from Studio Trigger unveiled the brand-new animation translation, SSSS, at Anime Expo 2017. GRIDMAN, which combines both the eastern and original Gridman. The manga was broadcast in 2018 after that.

The Gridman series’ following episode, SSSS, came out a year later. DYNAZENON, was made public. The next movie took longer to release than the first one. It was eventually broadcast in the flower of 2021.

Funimation granted licenses for both line. The line is now accessible on Crunchyroll as a result of its learning.

Fans’ debate about how the film will turn out is heating up given how much data has been leaked. Does the audience be satisfied with the film?

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