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You have arrived at the appropriate location in your hunt for a health-related guest blogging site. The Hindu Times provides possibilities for content creators and guest bloggers to develop their portfolios and obtain high-authority backlinks from our website to their own websites. 

All you have to do is submit an article that is well-written and educational and send it to us at for final approval. Yet, there are a few recommendations that have been written for our health, which we will examine below.

Before you continue reading, let me briefly explain our criteria for how a guest blog on our website might benefit you

  • To write for us you do not need to be a health expert 
  • you just have to showcase your writing skills to readers who love to read your articles.
  • If you match our requirements, then your articles will be published on the same day. 
  • This is a fantastic chance for gym trainers, dietitians, and fitness fanatics to develop a devoted clientele.
  • We would love to share a brief author bio of yours with our readers that displays your achievements as a guest blogger and writer.

Guidelines On Health Write For Us

  • Keep the content relevant to the health 
  • Promotional content will be permitted if it offers real value to the readers, not just a marketing gig.
  • Content should be unique and not spun or a rephrased one
  • The blog should pass a plagiarism checker with 0% plagiarized. We don’t accept any plagiarized content.
  • Must be SEO writing norms ( H1, H2, H3 tags, active voice, short sentences, etc)
  • Should have a meta description which not exceed 160 characters
  • The length of the article should be more than 800 words
  • Once your article has been accepted and submitted you do not have the right to host the same content on any other site.

We have spent lots of time and money to establish our website, like other guest bloggers and websites. We are excited to go even further in the hope that you will follow our guidelines.

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