Himawari grabbed by Boruto in a fight with Jura

Himawari Fight with Jura

Boruto interferes in a fight between Himawari and Jura, rescuing his sister from the mysterious figure who is seeking to understand the powerful Nine-Tails chakra within her. Himawari has somehow ended up in a “Trance-Bijuu Space” where she connects with the Nine-Tails, suggesting a special connection to the chakra. Boruto’s strength and determination in protecting his sister shows his growth as a ninja, while Jura’s motivations raise questions about the nature of the Nine-Tails chakra and its potential applications.

The Kidnapping of Himawari and Rescue

Shikamaru Nara, a top member of the Hidden Leaf Village, tells Boruto about a problem involving Himawari. Boruto rushes to the scene and finds that Jura has kidnapped Himawari, believing her to be the source of the powerful Nine-Tails chakra. Kawaki, a young ninja from the Hidden Stone Village, also appears on the scene, intention on capturing Himawari for his own purposes.

Baruto’s Intervention In Fight

Boruto, rushed to protect his sister, infronts of Kawaki and Jura. Despite Kawaki’s powerful skills, he proves to be much stronger and easily overpowers him. This display of strength shows Boruto’s rapid growth and development as a ninja. He then turns his attention to Jura, who is revealed to be a powerful opponent with incredible strength and speed.

Himawari Connection And The Trance-Bijuu  Space That Motivates Jura 

During the battle, Baruto discovers that himawari has connected with the Trance-Bijuu Space”, 

A mysterious area that allows her to connect with the Nine-Tails chakra. In this space Himawari meets a baby kurama, the Nine-Tails, which shows that she may have a special connection with the chakra. This connection could be due to Naruto having separate his chakra with her that allows her to tap into the powerful energy.

Now Jura’s motivation for kidnapping Himawari becomes clear.He tries to understand the nature of the Nine-Tails chakra within her. He believes that this chakra holds the key to unlocks new power and abilities, and he is willing to kidnap Himawari and study her connection with the chakra. 

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