How Did Maki Zenin Become The Sorcerer?, Why She Leave Her Clan?


Maki Zenin in Jujutsu Kaisen is the most loved female character in anime. She captured her fans’ hearts since her entry into the series and proved herself as a quite secret powerful lady. After having just negligible cursed energy, she stands with jujutsu society’s finest shoulder to shoulder.

The origins of Maki Zenin are harsh and they have a massive role in her wanting to be a sorcerer. She lacks Cursed Energy(CE) apart, and she gets taken out from the clan in which she was born. But her story takes a very dark turn when she achieves her full potential and slaughters the Zenin clan.

Maki Zenin has a major role in the series, she is the major supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen and she is one of the main characters in the series. In the series, she is a student in the second year at Tokyo Jujutsu High with her classmates Panda and Toge Inumaki. The father of Maki Zenin is Ogi Zenin and Maki is the elder twin sister of Mai Zenin.

Maki Zenin was born as a non-sorcerer in one of the big three sorcerer families, she was always got mistreated and convinced to reject the Zenian clan by her family. She possesses hardly any cursed energy and is unable to see even curses added salt to the wound. Then she decided to become one of the best jujutsu sorcerers to prove her family wrong.

She was born with zero cursed energy and as a result, she got something else “Heavenly Restriction”. After this, she gained expertise immensely and pushed her to the peak of human capabilities. After doing all this she started training and became an expert in wielding cursed tools. She becomes a dangerous opponent for the sorcerer.

The Values Of The Zenin Clan

The Zenin Clan is one of the big three sorcerer families, besides the Gojo Clan and the Kamo Clan. Their history includes problematic values born from the noble status and granted them as a major clan. The Zenin Clan has highly powerful cursed techniques.

They will not hesitate to possess their own family members if they are not that enough powerful. Toji Zenin is the biggest example of that, he was a powerful fighter but was refused by them due to the lack of curse energy. Then he ended up with them leave the clan and changed his surname to Fushiguro.

Maki Zenin also decided to leave the clan and wanted to become a sorcerer to hurt her clansmen. Then the clan prevents Maki’s promotion in grade and forces Maki’s sister Mai to become a sorcerer against her. 

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