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The Ivana Knoll was born in a civilized family on May 17, 1996, in Köln. While visiting their local schools, their entire Kindness developed an interest in fashion and beauty. Give yourself some free time so you can create makeup appearance and experiment with various styles. Each of his or her ancestors wrote an Ivana clothing design program for a nearby college in order to develop their skills and gain an understanding of the field.

Biographie of Ivana Knöll

Information Details
Name The Ivana Knoll
Geburtsdatum 17. Mai 1996.
Geburtsort Deutschland
Alter( Stand 2023 ) 26 years
Geschlecht Weiblich
Beruf Celebrity on Social Media, Instagram, and Star
Nationalität Deutsch
Heimatstadt/Bundesland Stuttgart, Germany
Schule Not available
Hochschule Style, Architecture, and Programming at a nearby college
Bildungsabschluss Not available
Religion Unknown
Hobbys Make-up, Style, and Beauty
Familienstand Not available
Freund ffentlich night bekannt
Familie Not available
Vermögen estimated to be between 1 million and 5 million US dollars.

Erhöhen You on YouTube to Ruhm

2014 saw the launch of Ivana’s first YouTube channel,” Kanal in the Mode and Lebensstilinhalte with the World.” These early movies focused on makeup tutorials and states, but they also covered other subjects like travel, beauty, and conditioning. They become one of the most well-liked YouTubers in Germany as a result of their optimist outlook and their uplifting content.

Over 700.000 advertisements can be found on the Ivana-based YouTube channel, and millions of people have watched their video. You have collaborated over the years with numerous brands and businesses, and both of their works can be found in magazines and blogs.

Expand your reach on other social media platforms.
Expand Your Relationship to Other Social Media Platforms?”

In addition to their success on YouTube, they have established sizable presences on other social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. He shared personal details about their lives, such as travel, relationships, and daily routines. Ivana is renowned for its upbeat outlooks, which many followers have shared, as well as how their content has helped them in trying times.


In addition to their Online-Karriere, Ivana has also pursued modeling and worked with various Modemarks. You are currently appearing on numerous displays and was equally featured in Zeitschriften and Anzeigen. Ivanas Unique Stil und Persönlichkeit haben sie zu einer begehrten Auswahl unter Designer und Fotografen, deren ihren Platz als flussreiche Figur in der Modebranche festigten.

Natural Information and More:

Field Information
Height( approximate ). 168 inches in inches
Weight( approximate ). 55 pounds – Pounds
Type of body Slim
Length of the Find 34, 24 and 35 cm
Vision Shade Blue
Colour of mane Blonde( Natural )
Hair size Medium/Long
Boot Type 7( US ).

Persönliches in Life

Ivana, with its headquarters in Berlin, continues to produce content and is preoccupied with their target audience on various social media platforms. She is well known for its good outlooks and frequently posts photos and videos from family members on their respective content. Additionally, she maintains a close relationship with their closest friends, as evidenced by the online movies and images they post.

Grips on Social Media

Plattform Handle
Instagram @knolldoll
TikTok Not available
Twitter Not available
Facebook Not available
YouTube Not available

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