Jocelyn Nungaray 12-Year-Old Girl Got Murdered, Looks Like Another Chapter of Hulu’s ‘Under the Bridge’, Suspects Of Murder


The very famous and based on a true story Hulu’s “Under the Bridge” web series. It is a based on the book of the same name “Under the Bridge”, this book reveals that any relationship could be horror including those teenage girls. The body of 14-year-old girl Virk was discovered floating in the shallow water of the Gorge Waterway in the Victoria Region of British Columbia in November 1997. According to her death reports, she died because of an inhale of water but before that, she was severely beaten.

In the case of Virk 2 teenagers would be convicted for her murder and there were a total of 8 people involved in her case. Very shocking similar news is coming after 25 years from Houston Texas. Which made people very confused and angry, her body was found near of bridge. Her name was Jocelyn Nungary, what had happened to her? Who did this? For knowing all the answers read below.

What happened with Jocelyn Nungaray?

The body was first found by Billie Jean Jackson and she told KHOU that when she saw the body of a 12-year-old girl near a bridge on West Rankin Road around 6:00 a.m. it ruined her mind. She told that firstly I thought it was a mannequin but when I went close to it she realised that it was a child. Billie Jean Jackson said “It broke my heart when I found out she was 12,” and “I was devastated. We have a 12-year-old granddaughter and it broke my heart.”

On that same day, Houston police released the grainy video surveillance photos of two suspects. They said, “The persons of interest are described only as two males of unknown age, wearing baseball-style caps.” The girl who was found near the bridge was last seen by her mother on 16 June around 10 p.m. and according to KPRC 2, the young girl was identified as Jocelyn Nungary.

The name of the young girl’s mother is Alexis Nungary, her mother told her on the phone that she should not stay awake for this long at night and should go to bed and sleep. Alexis never thought that the next morning would be going that horrifying for her. She searched for her daughter in her neighbourhood and continually called her daughter. While police were identifying the young girl, After an hour law enforcement called her to confirm it was her daughter.

Caught Two Suspects And Arrest

Jocelyn Nungary’s boyfriend told police that when he last spoke to her on the phone while she was at a 7. He also told that he could hear the sound of two adult men in the background on the phone. After three days those two men were arrested by police. One is identified as Johan Jose Rangel 26-year-old and the second as Franklin Jose Peña Ramos 21-year-old, they were charged with murder,

After that Corley Peel reporter for KPRC spoke with Alexis Nungary’s mother after she heard about the arrest. Alexis said to the reporter it was a “relief to hear that they’ve been caught and, they’re off the streets and it feels great that you know, everybody has been working so hard and so fast to get justice for my girl.” 

Neighbours said we knew very little about these men. Alexis is ready to fight for her daughter, she said “She doesn’t have a voice no more,” and “So I have to be [an] advocate and, you know, be proud of me, of how strong I’ve been for her. I’ve always fought for her. And I will always fight for her.”

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