John Everett Benson Dies at 85, Who Chiseled John F. Kennedy’s Grave

John Everett Banson

John Everett Benson also known as John Everett “Fud” Benson, a well-known stone carver, has passed away at the age of 85, leaving behind an ongoing legacy in the form of the intricate notations he prepared on the granite wall underneath John F. Kennedy’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

John Everett “Fud” Benson, a famous American calligrapher, rock carver, typeface designer, and sculptor, died away on June 13, 2024, at the age of 85. He was known for his exceptional craftsmanship and was commissioned to create inscriptions for several unique memorials, including the John F. Kennedy Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

Death Cause Of John Everett Benson

 A renowned American Calligrapher, typeface designer, stone carver and sculptor passed away on 13 June 2024, at the age of 85. The Death Cause was explicitly not mentioned in the public reference. His son Christopher said that he was dying in the hospital but the cause of his death was not specified.

Who’s John Everett Benson?

John Everett is also known as John Everett “Fud Benson”. He’s a master Stone Carver, designer, and Calligrapher whose Chisel was Marked by the deaths of presidents, authors artists, and playwrights, as well as the generations of American Families. who Graced museums and elegant inscriptions, government buildings and the house of worship.

Earlier life of John Everett Benson

John grew up in a family with deep roots in the stone carving and lettering business. His father John Howard Benson, was a respected stone carver and calligrapher who co-founded the John Stevens shop, a stone carving workshop in Newport. Benson’s Interest in art from an earlier age. Benson studied at the Rhode Island School of Subsequency and Design. After graduating from high school he joined the John Stevens shop. He started learning under the membership of his father, Benson filed his talents in calligraphy, design, and traditional stone carving techniques.

About the Family of John Everett Benson

John Everett “Fud” Benson was married twice. His first wife was Ruth, with whom he had a son, Christopher. He later married Karen Augeri in 1988, and they spent 25 years together, during which time Benson pursued his passion for figurative sculpting.

What is the Death Cause Of John Everett Benson?

John Everett Benson passed away on 13 June 2024 at the age of 85. but the death cause was not specified by his family.

Who’s John Everett’s wife?

John Everett was married twice. his first wife was Ruth, and he had a son Christopher. he later married Laren Augeri in 1988.

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