Just Stop Oil protesters crash George Osborne’s wedding, throw orange confetti

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A demonstrator who threw peach glitter over the couple as they left the church in Somerset on Saturday interrupted former governor George Osborne’s marriage to Thea Rogers, his original secretary. A security guard chased the rebel aside after emptying the case of petals over the newlyweds. He was wearing a floral gown and was carrying the union jack bag. Environmental organization Just Stop Oil, which has used peach flour in earlier demonstrations against fossil fuels, recorded the occurrence on video and posted it on social media. The team, however, denied being behind the demonstration and claimed they were unaware of the woman’s personality. Additionally, they congratulated the partners and urged them to support their effort to halt UK fresh oil and gas projects.

About 200 people attended the wedding, which was attended by former prime minister David Cameron, dark house director Yvette Cooper, and director Michael Gove. An private message about Osborne’s personal life was sent to some of the invitees and journalists earlier this month. According to reports, Osborne called the police to look into the alleged website abuse.

Osborne, 52, and Rogers, 40, announced their commitment in April 2021 and have two children up. After Osborne divorced his second woman Frances, with whom he has two children, they started dating in 2019. Rogers served as Osborne’s advisor while he was employed by the Treasury, and in 2016 she received an OBE for her services.


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