Kaz & Micah Still Together? After The Perfect Match? What Happened With The Couple?


Almost every reality show on Netflix has its toxic couples. The Perfect Match Season 2 is one of them and it has Kaz and Micah(Harry and Jessa also) toxic couples. 

The couple Kaz & Micah matched in Episode 2 of The Perfect Match Season 2 and they were the longest-running couple of The Perfect Match Season 2. They were also one of the five couples who made it to the finale with Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri; Elys Hutchinson and Bryton Constantin; Tolu Ekundare and Chris Hahn; and Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones. Kaz and Micha were not voted for the winners instead the winners were Christine and Nigel. Fans were shocked when they got to know that Christine and Nigel won the show, but Kaz and Micha did not win.

After all this they went through together in the villa, they broke up after The Perfect Match was over. Micha said in an interview and confirmed they broke up in which she revealed that she and Kaz broke up because he simply didn’t want to be in a “real” relationship.

Micha said, “I think a rollercoaster is a really good way to describe Kaz.” “There was definitely a lot of moments that were probably seen that made it seem like there wasn’t much substance. But behind closed doors, there was an actual, real relationship. There were many, many great memories that we shared that I’m happy, and I do not regret. I just don’t think that we were the right people for each other, and I don’t think that he was in a space to be someone that I could have something real with. So, just not the right time.”

After the breakup, Kaz and Micah were on good terms. They both follow each other on Instagram but Kaz is not tagged in any of her photos of The Perfect Match and Kaz also did the same he also not tag Micah in any of his photos.

After The Perfect Match Season 2 finale, Micah appeared in an interview and claimed that she and Kaz had the most drama throughout the season because of how much other contestants saw them as a threat and tried to break them up by sending them on dates with other people.

She said “I think, for the most part, it was probably questioning our relationship,”, Micah asked why so many contestants chose Kaz to go on the dates with other people throughout the season. “I mean, we were together the longest out of everyone in the house. So there’s probably the aspect of like, ‘Oh, there is a longevity there.’ But, at the same time, I think a lot of people didn’t really understand our relationship.”

Micah continued, “I think they just kind of didn’t understand that there was something of substance there and they wanted to test it. And then Kaz was just like quite easily the weak link when it came to, like, flirting with everyone and their mom and their granny.”

In an Interview Kaz said the relationship between him and Micah was misunderstood by the rest of “The Perfect Match” cast. “Everyone was talking. And some people might have gotten the wrong end of the stick, and that then led to, you know, me hearing about it, and then having to confront Micah, which then led to different arguments,” he said. “It kind of all then (looks) like we don’t get on.” He continued, “But generally we did a lot of the time, just 5%…10…maybe 20% of the time we didn’t.”

What happened with Micah and Kaz?

Micah and Kaz broke up after “The Perfect Couple”.

Are Kaz & Micha still together after “The Perfect Couple”?

Kaz & Micha are not still together after “The Perfect Couple”.

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