Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat [Online Booking, & Ticket Price 2023]

Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat

Book Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat online from the official site or by contacting the 82382 60600 mobile number. Different types of Accommodation are available at Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat at affordable prices.

A vacation is a way to sate one’s desire to travel to various locations. However, I would advise waiting for a vacation if you want to travel way! Each area has many locations that are excellent for a single day’s work. The normal splendor of these locations is alluring. If you’ve been to one of these locations over the course of the Saturday and Sunday vacations, you can shake off the week’s weariness and find fresh energy.

If you’re sick of the stale area air and want to escape, consider moving to a peaceful area with hills, tents, and plenty of verdure, such as the lake and the surrounding countryside. Therefore, the” Kevadi Eco Tourism Campsite” of the Surat Forest Department can turn out to be a great location for it. This is a magnificent collection of healthy charm. This serene and picturesque location, which is sandwiched between hills and forests, is ideal for hospitality.

Information About Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat, Gujarat

LocationGujarat’s Surat area, Mandvi taluka
ActivitiesNature hikes, bird watching, hiking, trekking, zip-lining, rock climbing, and descending
WildlifeBlackbuck, lion, and other animal species
Cultural DrawbacksNative communities, traditional arts, and arts
The Ideal Time to Travelfrom November to February
AccommodationTented lodging with basic features
AccessibilitySurat Airport is the closest aircraft, which is located 85 kilometers apart. The closest train station is SurAT Railway Station.
Entry CostUnknown
Contact+ 91-82382 60600 ( Kevdi Eco-Tourist Office )

At Kevdi community in the Mandvi taluka of the Surat district, the state government’s forest department has established an eco-tourism campsite. Just 20 kilometers separate Mandvi from Kevdi, which is 85 kilometers from Surat. Kevadi has the impression of being nature’s own home.

This holiday destination, which is surrounded by lovely hills and forests, captivates the head the moment you arrive. Travelers from all over come around to explore. You may feel so good after experiencing this place’s natural beauty and tranquility that you will forget all other concerns and conflicts and enter a different setting.

Kevdi Eco Tourism In Ampani

The best time to visit Kevadi is between the rain and winter. The eco-tourism camp also provides a Dome House, Tenthouse, Reception Center, Restaurant, Trekking Trails, Bird Watch Point, and Sunset Point, as well as Traditional and Pure Food, Campfire, Nature Education Center, and walking bike.

Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat
Kevdi eco tourism

The Kevdi Campsite is accessible all evening. As a result, travelers are once more coming to this place of natural beauty. Visitors should take the necessary safety measures to keep their distance from one another.

You may drive your own vehicle to the Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite, which is only 85 kilometers from Surat. You can easily bring a tiny tourist if you want to bring your entire family along. This one-day lunch will undoubtedly provide you with a little respite from daily life.

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There is no need to obtain permission to visit. However, email no for an overnight be. It is necessary to call a Mobile number to make a reservation. 82382 60600. Visitors must abide by the president’s recommendations during the visit to prevent the Koro illness.

Come Then Look At How To Get To Kevdi Eco Tourism Surat:-

  • Get to Mandvi initially.
  • From there, consider the love route.
  • As you continue, you will reach Fedaria Crossing. From it, move right and continue 8 kilometers in a straight line.
  • Dadhwada will be further along; continue on to the correct from it. The Kevadi campground is on its way.

Jetpur Kevdi Eco Tourism Range Between Various Locations:-

  • 85 kilometers, or about 2 days, from Surat
  • It takes approximately 3.5 hours to travel 180 miles from Vadodara.
  • For approximately 2.5 days, travel 140 kilometers from Valsad.
  • 150 kilometers, or about 3 days, from Saputara
  • 280 kilometers from Ahmedabad takes around 5 days.

Applicable Places Of Interest At Kevdi Eco Tourism:-

  • Dome residence
  • a camp house
  • the front desk
  • hiking paths
  • Restaurant
  • Animal observation place
  • Place of sunset
  • Traditionally prepared and clean food
  • Campfire
  • Nature knowledge facility

Food And Lodging At Kevdi Eco Tourism:-

  • Camp in Rs. 2006
  • VIP Tent cost for 7000 Rs.
  • Roof Rs.10003
  • Rs.15004 for Doms Electric Place
  • Trees House for Rs.20001

The cost of all of the aforementioned forms of lodging is one time.

After reading this, you must have wanted to leave, correct? But hold off and observe. Begin packing right away. Attend us the following Saturday and Sunday.

Please be aware that Gujarat has two locations with the same title. The location we talked about is in South Gujarat. The next Kevdi camp is in the Panchmahal district’s Chhota Udepur.

Is Kevdi Eco Tourism Online Booking Available?

Yes, Kevdi eco tourism online booking is available now. Visit the official website of Kevdi Eco Tourism or contact the 82382 60600 mobile number for booking.

How Much Distance Between Kevdi Eco Tourism And Surat?

The distance between the kevdi and Surat is 85 kilometers, and the time required to reach Jetpur Kevdi Eco tourism from Surat is about 2 days.

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