KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date [Trailer, Story]

KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date
This 2024 sees the return of KonoSuba, an anime without a particularly strong main character but still manages to save the day( well, occasionally )!

To further conflict any unfortunate spirit, they released a teaser video that features our eccentric group of misfits on another experience.

With our dependable (?) returning for another year of carnage? Let’s start by learning the ins and outs of the well-liked animation version, Bless This Wonderful World, with a group of adventurers just around the corner!

Important Takeaways

  • Although they haven’t specified the actual date, Studio Deen’s official trailer video announced that they would be broadcasting Season 3 in 2024.
  • Season 3’s truck has not yet been released.

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Transfer time for KonoSuba Time 3

Transfer time for KonoSuba Time 3 Countdown

Countdown to June 21st, 2024, at 2:00 PM( UTC )



KonoSuba‘s third time is now being produced! The next year will officially launch in May 2022, according to Kadokawa.

A KonoSuba spin-off anime collection is also in production, according to Kadokawa, who also announced the second season.

KonoSuba: An Detonation on This Great World! is a spin-off book. is being made into an animation adaptation. When this spin-off manga series will be released is unknown.

Viewers are speculating that Season 3 will be available in June 2024.

We’ll let you know right away if Studio Deen releases an actual day!

Pay attention!

Season 3 Trailer for KonoSuba

Season 3 trailers haven’t been released by Studio Deen however, but we’ll let you know as soon as they do if they release one.

Like the Season 2 teaser for the time being!

Pay attention!

Preview of KonoSuba Story from Season 2

With the aid of the Goddess Aqua, the common child Kazuma is reincarnated into a different planet.

Given that it is an isekai animation, a Goddess may undoubtedly provide the main character with some sort of steal tool.

Kazuma, however, chooses Aqua to taking with him to another world after being mocked for dying an awkward dying( from surprise while attempting to preserve a woman who was about to be hit by vehicle, when in reality it was just slow-moving vehicle ).

They attempt to understand the ways of the world as they move along in the narrative in an effort to grow stronger and vanquish the monster king.

But could they do it with just their knowledge?

Kazuma rarely loses a game of Rock-Paper Scissors, and Aqua is adept at cleansing and healing because she is the Goddess.

Sounds like a strong ability set for defeating the Demon King.

They began as debt-ridden workmen and eventually became adventurers( even in debt ).

The duo’s comedy-filled and chaotic excursion doesn’t go well for them.

During one of their adventures, they come across Megumin, a strong Arc sorcerer who has the ability to exterminate monsters with just one charm.

There is a small issue with that, though.

It’s simply available to her once a day!

She isn’t completely unnecessary. She simply enjoys detonating things!

Then they encounter Darkness, a horse who appears to be trustworthy.

However, Kazuma has terrible fate when it comes to recruiting new party members.

Because Darkness is merely a masochist who takes pleasure in suffering at the hands of her foes!

This isn’t the close of encountering nutters, though.

Wiz, one of the Demon King armies’ commanders, is likewise encountered.

She may sound terrible by name, but because of her ability to build a protect around the Demon King’s palace, she is actually one of the higher-ups. Her task is to do that.

Then they run into Yunyun, a former classmate of Megumin’s from the club.

She is strong and views Megumin as a competitor, but she is also an oddball.

The crew ran into a variety of issues and foes, including enormous robots and ghosts as well as an unarmed warrior and even the police who claimed Kazuma was working with the Demon King!

He actually isn’t able to get a tear, is he?

And with that, I believe we have all caught up.

This test out what Season 3 has to offer today!

Time 3 of KonoSuba: What to Expect?

After the Demon King was vanquished, that would be the primary subplot for Season 3.

We could also anticipate a lot of action and chaos during the fourth season, even though it’s kind of unfortunate we don’t get to see the real fight.

After a successful mission to apprehend the criminal Chris failed, Kazuma, who was living comfortably thanks to the prize money he received following the Demon King’s defeat, is banished and separated from his buddies.

Therefore he reveals information and plots involving the royal family.

Does our unfortunate warrior be successful? We’ll learn the truth immediately much!

Season 3 News of KonoSuba

An” Ultra preview image” for this incredibly cute and colorful anime adaptation was released on the official KonoSuba page!

That’s it for now on Season 3 News of KonoSuba!

Keep checking back to learn more because we update with the most recent animation information just for you!

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