Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch! Season 2 Release Date, News

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch Season 2 Release Date

The second season’s launch date for Kuma Kumma Bear has been announced. Here is what we currently know about the release date, video, and other details.

Our favourite player woman is expected to return to our display for Season 2 on November 4, 2022, according to the standard animation web of Kuma Kuma Kumara Bear.

The animation has grown in popularity and momentum throughout Asia, North America, and the British Isles since the Season 1 episode about two years ago. Viewers have been anticipating the release of the movie since 2021.

The promotional video, main cast, production team, and key visuals( photos ) are all included with the Season 2 announcement. To learn more about the next time, read on!

Bear Punch, oh my! Transfer time for Winter 2

Bear Punch, oh my! Transfer time for Winter 2

Countdown to 10 : 00 AM( UTC ) on April 15, 2023.



Bear Punch, kuma kuma! The second time has already been released!

Currently titled” Kuma Kuma Bear Punch”! EMT Squared’s eagerly anticipated isekai story anime season 2 is scheduled to debut in April 2023.

The time of the last premiere has not yet been disclosed. For the most recent news and revisions on the line, be sure to check us out frequently!

Bear Punch, kuma kuma! Trailer for Season 2

The review of the past season is shown in the special video. Season 1 was released in the fall of 2020 and is adored by fans for its adorable and warm vibes.

Watch this video if you haven’t seen the most recent truck!

Bear Punch, kuma kuma! Important Photos for Winter 2

Our two main characters, Yuna, who will be voiced by Maki Kawase and Fina by Azumi Waki, will still be present in the future reset of this endearing, calming line.

The characters are seen in the newly released photos from the standard animation website dressed in their quirky garb, including Yuna’s well-known bear suit.

Season 2 will also feature moving manufacturers and some new graphics and picture staff in addition to the figures.

Takashi Aoshima wrote the set, Yuki Nakano directed the graphics and character design, and Yuu Nobuta oversaw production.

Bear, Kuma Kumma Bear! First Season Synopsis

Yuna, a fifteen-year-old businessman, plays the second VRMMO in history, World Fantasy Online, while confined to her room, according to the tale of Kuma Kumma Kuma Bear.

Yuna receives a somewhat uncomfortable keep costume from the game’s administrators after playing for almost an entire year. She does, however, gain strong numbers and enhanced abilities thanks to the coat.

She is therefore taken to the world of the game after accepting the product.

She embarks on an experience in the City of Crimonia after losing all sense of reality and saves the young lady who will serve as her companion and guide.

As Yuna dons the bear suit that bestows on her unexpected fame, fighting prowess, and reputation as the” Bloody Bear ,” they will travel together through this world.

Bear Punch, Kuma Kuha! Objectives for Season 2

Fans anticipate that the animation for this season will persist in Kumanano’s fifth volume of the 029-illustrated Chinese light novel series.

The first year was centered on getting to know Fina, the Kuma-Kuma Bear Punch! The second time will provide more information about the universe in which Yuna is currently.

Yuna is ready for a bigger journey now that she has defeated the Kraken! Together with their friends, the pair may construct a tunnel that links Crimea and Millela.

Trade and commerce between the town and the port will be useful thanks to the tunnel. Our tiny stock trader and businessman even wants to start a restaurant and brings her business acumen to the table.

On their website, the artist and animation team even posted some juicy notes about Season 2.

In a planet full of dread, we can count on seeing lots of new characters, more female characters in the expanding universe, and Yuna’s panchi, which would make people laugh.

It goes without saying that the manga will highlight the characters’ improved strength, charm, and enjoyable adventures!

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