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Limerince is a famous Nigerian social media influencer on TikTok. Limerince Tiktok was born on 19 October 2003, in Kaduna, a country in Nigeria, and will turn 19 in 2023. Here this guide will provide all the information about Limerince ig, family, age, education, height, salary, and more.

Limerince real name is Sasha Sanchez. The social media influencer Sasha Lemerince and publisher Tiktok, Limerince have established a name for herself in producing website content.

Limerince TikTok account, @ limerince, has about 5.5 million followers, and @ limerince has 650,000 followers on Limerince Instagram.

Limerince Sasha Biography

Check out this table mentioned below to know all information about Sasha Limerince:

Limerince BiodataInformation
NameLimerince Tiktok
Real NameSasha Sanchez
Birth Date19 October 2003
Place of birthKaduna, a country in Nigeria
Age( as of 2023 )19
Zodiac SignLibra
Lemerince ProfessionTikTok Creator and Social media influencer
State or hometownKaduna
Limerince Net WorthIncome from Social Media Profile
academic backgroundN/A
HobbiesDancing, Singing, and creating TikTok video
Martial StatusN/A

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Tiktok, Limerince Age & Birthday

Limerince Sasha was born on 19 October 2003, in Kaduna, a country in Nigeria, which makes her 19 years old as of 2023.

Early Childhood and Education

Sasha Limerince was born on 19 October 2003, in Kaduna, a country in Nigeria to Nigerian parents who moved with their family to the United States when she was still a toddler. Growing up in a multiethnic environment she learned both English and Hausa.

She discovered her passion for social media content creation as both of her parents homeschooled her; instead of attending formal schools, she focused on expanding her social media career.


Limerince TikTok first made waves on TikTok in January 2022 with her engaging videos. Her focus lies mainly on trends, beauty, lip sync, comedy, and body-and-style showcases. She has collaborated with fellow TikTok stars including Amala Ekpunobi, LeavexoMaryMalone, and Jorgiarosefitness.

She had over 7.1 million likes and 346K followers on TikTok (@ limerince ) as of March 2022. She also set up accounts on Instagram (Limerince ig), Reddit, and YouTube, where she has amassed over 3.6K followers(@ sashasanchex ), 6K subscribers( to her YouTube channel Down in The DM ), and more than 6,000 followers of Instagram’s Stories feature.

She is now concentrating on her future tasks, which include making more videos and expanding her fan base. She also plans to introduce products and a site soon.

Tiktok, Limerince Family

There is no information available about Tiktok, Limerince’s family. She has not revealed anything about her parents, siblings, spouse, or children on her social media accounts. She may prefer to keep her personal life private or she may not have any close relatives. 

She is a Nigerian-American who moved to the United States with her parents when she was a child

Limerince FamilyInformation
Limerince Father NameN/A
Limerince Mother NameN/A
Limerince Brother(s) NamesN/A

Limerince TikTok Net Worth

Limerince IG earns money through various means, such as promoting brands and products on Instagram and other social media platforms. But not any reliable information is available about Tiktok, Limerince’s actual net worth.

Sasha Limerince age is only 19 years old and at this age, she has gained a lot of popularity through social media. This is a great achievement for her.

Physical Information and More

Limerince Physical InfoInformation
Height5 feet 8 in (1.72 m)
Weight55 kilograms
Body TypeSlim
Figure SizeKnock: 34 feet, Waist: 24 inches; Hips: 36 inches
Colour of the EyesBrown
Color of the EyesBlack
Hair LengthLong
Shoes size7 US

TikTok Content By Limerince

Sasha Limerince content primarily consists of dance videos, lip-syncing to popular songs, and comedic skits. She often collaborates with other TikTok creators and utilizes popular hashtags and challenges to increase her reach and engagement with her followers.

Her content is known for its high-energy and upbeat vibe, and she has gained a reputation as a talented and charismatic performer on the platform.

Tiktok, Limerince’s Social Media Handles

Limerince Social Media AccountHandle/Username
Limerince Instagram@limerince
Limerince TwitterN/A
Limerince Reddit@sashasanchex

Facts About Limerince Tiktok

To know about Lemerince Sasha in short check out these points:

  • Limerince is a popular social media influencer.
  • Born on 19 October 2003, in Kaduna, a country in Nigeria.
  • She has not shared any information about her family.
  • She has also not disclosed anything about her relationship status.
  • Limerince real name is Sasha Sanchez.
  • Limerince IG Stories followers of more than 6,000.
  • Over 7.1 million likes and 346K followers on Limerince TikTok.
  • Limerince net worth income source is Social media profiles, especially TikTok.

Who Is Limerince On TikTok?

Limerince TikTok is a social media influencer in Nigeria. She had a great fan following on TikTok around 346k followers. Her social media content is based on beauty, lip sync, trends, and comedy.

What Is Limerince IG Age?

Limerince Sasha was born on 19 October 2003 so her age is now as of 2023 is 19 years old.

What Is The Profession Of Limerince Sasha?

Sasha Limerince is a social media star. Limerince’s TikTok account, @ limerince, has about 5.5 million followers, and @ limerince ig has 650,000 followers on Instagram.

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