Liz Woods Star Of ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Is Dating Jayson Zuniga, Why She Breakup With Her Ex Ed Brown?


Liz Woods star of TLC now seems very happy to dating Jayson Zuniga. Before she was dating Big Ed Brown they showed their relationship multiple times on 90 Day Fiancé they had so many breakups again and again but the final breakup happened on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

Liz has one daughter named Ryleigh, after some time Liz Woods revealed to her fans that she is dating someone and he is just the opposite of my previous relationship with Big Ed Brown. This guy is a gentleman and he is much better than my Ex-boyfriend.

Who is Liz Woods from ’90 Day Fiancé’ in a Relationship With?

Liz Woods shared several photos of her with Jayson Zuniga in June 2024 and confirmed she is dating someone. Liz uploads very beautiful pictures of them on her Instagram, the couple is matching their jersey at a sports event, looking all-around adorable at events with Liz’s family and daughter and posing next to a cardboard cutout of Jimmy Fallon, and writes a caption “💕 You!!!”.

Before Liz reveals the name of her boyfriend, people on Instagram find his name and Instagram handle but his account is private ScreeRant found some information about him, Jayson Zuniga is a Navy instructor and veteran.

Liz With Jayson, Before Breakup With Ed Brown?

According to some theories, Liz was dating Jayson before her breakup with Ed Brown and she told us the wrong timeline of her breakup. In February 2024 she hinted that she was dating someone else on the birthday of Jayson. She posted a story in which she wrote “I hope his mom knows that her son is taking good care of someone’s daughter” In a picture, Liz was wrapped in Jayson’s arms. After that story, most of her close fans understood that Liz and Ed Brown were no more together.

What is the reason for the breakup between Liz & Ed Brown?

The relationship between Liz & Ed Brown started and ended on 90 Day Fiance from beginning to end. They both started dating during the COVID-19 pandemic while Ed was in San Diego Calif. Their first breakup happened on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life and the reason for the breakup was Liz felt like she “was thrown in multiple situations I was not prepared for.”

After some time things started getting sorted out, in August 2021 they came back together in a relationship and got engaged. While engaging they started arguing on many silly issues including Ed’s unwavering infidelity accusations against Liz. In August 2023, 14 breakups later, Ed called off their wedding.

Liz said Jayson Helped Her “Heal” Through Her Big Ed Breakup

The ups and downs love story of Liz and Ed Brown was not for long. In June 2024 Liz said in an interview for Entertainment Tonight that Jayson had “been by my side” during her breakup with Ed and “allowed me to heal and grow as a person without asking me to change one thing.” Liz said, Jayson gave her full permission that she can dump him whenever she felt like he was behaving like his ex-boyfriend.

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