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How are all of you doing? Do you enjoy taking trips? Check out the Mahal Campsite at Ahwa in Dang if you enjoy traveling a bit and intend to spend the day there. It’s a location based on experience and full of natural beauty. It will undoubtedly be enjoyable. Once you visit this location, which is brimming with natural splendor, you will want to return time and time again. This head over to the Mahal camp now! !

Information about Mahal camp Dang

Information Details
Location Ahwa, Gujarat’s Dang city
Distance Ahwa is 24 kilometers away.
Accommodation Branch homes, cottages, and tented buildings with individual restrooms and bathrooms
Facilities Preference center, dining room, outdoor route, campfire area, and two-story machaans for viewing wildlife
ideal time to travel from October to March
Activities Backpacking, running, and bird watching
local places to see Girmar Falls, Mayadevi Temple, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, and Waterfall
Tips Second, go to the arrangement center. Use power wisely. No smoking, flash photography, or pets.
Email details website that is standard:

This location is in the Dang neighborhood. When you hear the name of the Dang area, which is tucked away in the Sahyadri rock range, you immediately picture lush forests, winding roads, valleys that make your heart race when you drive from, joyous gushing white creamy springs and waterfalls, and towering hills that speak to the sky. The image is in front of us.

Ahwa is 24 kilometers away from Mahal town. The Mahal town is likewise 1.5 kilometers away. This forest region was designated by the forest department as protected forest for pet safety. It’s a good place for tourists where facilities like tree houses, campfires, and huts are available for lodging, which is managed by the forest department. Various kinds of animals live there, including tigers.

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How do I get there?

  • By weather: Gujarat: Surat, Vadodara Maharashtra: Nasik
  • By station: Surat, the closest big railway train
  • By street: Surat: 122 miles, Ahmedabad: 363 kilometres

The Mahal Eco Campsite is bestowed with rivers and bamboo glides, with excellent walking and trekking options. It is located on the banks of the Purna River, in the middle of the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and is a part of the Dang Forest Division North. It is surrounded by a vast & rich forest laced with the Purna & Gira rivers. For an eco-tourist wanting to enjoy birds of moist deciduous forest mixed with bamboo, this is the best place to visit. It’s also near the Girmar Falls which offers a breathtaking view. ideal time to travel the campsite is from from October to March.

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Mahal camping area
Mahal camping area

People begin congregating these as soon as the first monsoon rains begin. The majority of visitors come here from local regions like Surat, Tapi, and Navsari. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mahal Campsite is a spiritual place in the midst of character in addition to being popular with tourists. When someone who is sick of the busy lifestyle comes to this location, which is surrounded by nature, the liquid becomes lighter. If you’ve planned a two – or three-day tour, spend the night at Mahal Campsite. You won’t get a sense of the actual animals until then. Typically, this is where a community enters. As a result, even for one day, you won’t experience any smart hassles. You can find really good and delectable Dangi foods, tea, snacks, etc. in the canteen below. You will also receive first-rate lodging services.


  • Center for Orientation
  • 4 AC Cottages with a bathroom, auxiliary power source, and restrooms
  • Tented accommodations with individual bathrooms, a kitchen, and restrooms
  • Individual dining areas and kitchens
  • The Nature Trail
  • Independent location for the fire
  • Wonderful two-story Machaans for viewing animals and the scenery
  • can also have a guided nighttime path.

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  • We respect Mother Earth by being liable nature lovers, so here are a few pointers for you to keep in mind:
  • Before you start exploring the campsite, make sure to stop by the preference center because that will give you a good idea of what to expect during your stay.
  • Please use the energy produced by solar energy properly as the majority of these eco-campsites do.
  • No smoking at all( cigarette butts start a lot of fires in forests ).
  • No display or overbearing images, such as repositioning the camera rather than picking leaves to get a better view.
  • Don’t bring any song equipment or sound-making equipment with you, and keep them turned off when you’re driving.
  • It is forbidden to pick plants or insects in any place; please do not eliminate anything from parks or sanctuaries.
  • Avoid making any fast or abrupt movements to frighten away animals.
  • Avoid approaching the animals to closely.
  • You shouldn’t bring any animals with you.
  • Never strewn about. Just trash should become disposed of in appropriate containers.
  • No looking equipment or other arms should be used or carried.

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Want to attend to:-

If you really want to enjoy this place then monsoon is the best season. But if it’s too heavy rain then avoid to go there. Even the government itself keeps this place closed during heavy rain as there is a big risk to move at this place. fore more information about Mahal camping area please visit official website

Mahal Campsite: What is it?

Mahal Campsite is a place for eco-tourism in Gujarat’s Dang city. It offers lodging choices like tree houses and houses managed by the forest department and is surrounded by lush forests and waterways.

What amenities does the Mahal Campsite offer?

The Mahal Campsite has an orientation center, AC cottages with attached bathrooms, tented accommodations with separate bathing and toilet facilities, separate kitchen / dining area, nature trail, and campfire area. It also offers the option for night hikes led by a knowledgeable guide.

What advice would you give someone visiting the Mahal Campsite?

Start by visiting the arrangement center second, use power wisely, refrain from smoking and intrusive flash photography, choose plants or insects, stay away from animals that are too close, bring no pets or hunting equipment, and don’t waste for the best experience at Mahal Campsite. Additionally, it is advised that tourists come during the monsoon season for the best conditions.

Where is Mahal Campsite located?

Mahal Campsite can be reached by air via Surat or Vadodara in Gujarat or Nasik in Maharashtra, by coach via the closest big railway station in SurAT, or by street via Ahmedabad or Surrat. Mahal Campsite is easily accessible and is situated 24 kilometers from Ahwa and 1.5 miles from Mahl community.

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