Maharaj Movie Review, and Debut Of Junaid Khan Son Of Aamir Khan, Will He Shine Like Him?


The film Maharaj is based on the 1980s life and times of Karsaandas Mujli, a reformer who worked bravely for women’s rights. It has a meaningful story in these heavily censored times where everything is enough to offend anyone.

In this movie, there is the debut of Junaid Khan, superstar Aamir Khan’s son. Who is released on Netflix very quietly, he didn’t do any promotion for his debut anywhere. We all know if Aamir Khan did the promotion of his film it would become a superhit. He didn’t promote it because the film is strictly passable: its very specific time and place and the lead character is buried under trademark Yashrajification, in which the colour palette the songs and dances, the stereotypical characterization, the dialogue-heavy confrontation, and everything else comes off generic.

The credits of the film written that ‘has been inspired by real events, and is an adaptation of the book titled ‘Maharaj’, written by Saurabh Shah. In the following paragraph, it also says that ‘the film does not make any claims of authenticity or correctness of any events or incidents depicted in the film’. 

It is set in Gujrat revolving around a reformist patriot genuinely someone to be proud of. YRF must be thought that they are safe. No, because their tale’s chief enemy is a  Sanatani guru and he is a straight sinner in the way he preys, now people will put accusations of ‘Hindu dharma in a bad light’.

‘Maharaja’ is the usual story of good against evil. Junaid Khan played the role of ‘taaja aur nai soch waley pragatisheel’, whose start as a journalist and teacher led him to the point where he finds the courage to take a principled stand against adharmi Yadunath Maharaj.

Jaideep Ahlawat is the only one who is completely in sync with the film’s tonality. He gave us ‘dharm ka thekedar’ to beat all ‘dharm ke thekedars’. He worked a lot in this movie we can see his mildly smiling visage, belied by the arrogant look and his street-style lines “maafi toh uska baap bhi mangega,” and “dharm ka paalan darr se karwana padta hai”. There is a dialogue in the ‘Maharaj’ movie which can be the favourite of the audience “Dharm se zyaada koi hinsak yudh nahin hai.”

Will the Aamir Khan’s son will be like his father or not?

Maybe he will shine but let’s see if he could shine like his father or not.

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