Mandala Murders Release Date On Netflix


Mandala Murders is not a peaceful web series. It will take you to another world, it is a very thrilling and complicated web series in which every scene will take a deadly twist, while watching this you will never feel boar. 

It is a digital debut for Vaani Kapoor, in the series, she has a very glamorous character of a detective and she is on the hunt for a killer. But which path she is taking is not going to be easy, it is a path of blood. The hunter is not alone, he has so many weapons and else and he is making a trap for her and she is going deep into that. The trap is organised by the hidden society.

As she hunts deeper, she discovers connections between the murders and symbols locked with ancient mandalas. There are so many questions and thrills for the “Mandala Murders”, so are you ready to enter in the world of illusion?

Release Date Of Mandala Murders

Right now the exact release date of Mandala Murders is not confirmed. But Yash Raj Productions can drop the release date any day, we will update the release date of the web series on the website. Stay updated on this site, everyone is waiting very badly for the series.

Cast Of Mandala Murders

The cast of The Mandala Murders is very interesting, the leading actor is Vaani Kapoor who is making the online debut. Vaibhav Raj Gupta is in her opposite with a mystery role. Surveen Chawla and Jameel Khan will add depth to the story in important scenes. Right now only these names are revealed but there will be definitely a more talented cast. Get ready to enter the world of illusion.

Trailer Of Mandala Murders

Right now there is no official trailer from the officials yet. But Yash Raj Films has dropped a poster of a teaser in which we can see the hauntingly beautiful mandala. The mandala has very unique or thrilling patterns with a darker truth. The teaser can be dropped anytime because fans are very excited about the trailer. Fans are waiting to watch Vaani Kapoor’s first detective and the unsettling world she navigates. Stay updated with this website if any updates we get from the officials we will update that here.

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