Mindy Kaling Welcomed Baby No. 3, A Daughter, ‘Best Birthday Present’


Mindy Kaling is an American actor and comedian and she is 45 years old. Recently she gave birth to her third child, a daughter, she announced this happy news on Instagram on Monday 24 June. She posted a picture on Instagram of her baby daughter ‘Anne’ her daughter ‘Katherine’ who is 6-year-old and her son ‘Spencer’ who is 3 years old, In the next slides we can see a photo that featured her baby bump and her in a hospital bed alongside with her older two kids.

She wrote in her caption “In late February I gave birth to my daughter, Anne. She’s the best birthday present I could’ve ever imagined.” “When things are hard, whenever I veer towards cynicism, my three kids are such a great reminder of the pure joy in my life. I’m so lucky I live in a place where I could do this by myself, on my own timeline. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!”

Since she first announced her pregnancy in 2017, she has not told yet who is the father of her children and she never told about their father, when she gave birth to her second child and also now her third child.

In 2021 she told people that she took help to raise her two kids and said: “It absolutely takes a village.” In that village has her nanny, her father Avu and Reese Witherspoon, and she talks about them as “a great source of parenting advice.”

People ask her why she never shows the clear faces of her children and she says “I feel like I might as well wait until they get old enough so they can tell me if they want to be part of my social media or not.”

She said that is not easy to not show their faces to the world and said “I’m like any parent where I’m proud of the things they do,” she added, “I think they’re so cute, and of course, I want other people to see it.”

Mindy Kaling did an interview with Jennifer Hudson On The Jennifer Hudson Show in May. They talked about whether her kids would follow in her footsteps in the industry. 

Kalind replied “So far I could see my daughter doing it a little bit,” “She did a little bit of musical theatre and liked it, but again, wanted to be the star of the production and wasn’t and thus kind of lost interest.”

When it comes to her toddler son Spencer, “Not so much,” Kaling said. “He’s a little bit more shy.” 

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