My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In For Me! Release Date

My Friend's Little Sister Has It In For Me! Release Date

My Brother’s Little Girl Has It In for Me!, a well-known rom-com gentle book, will be made into an anime. However, the date is also TBA.

An effective, devoted high school student who prioritizes his coming is the subject of the story. He doesn’t enjoy his children; rather, he spends his days working on the game’s development.

He enters into a deal with his brother to pose as his daughter’s boyfriend while his game is on the range. When he hears it, how does his brother’s little sister, who enjoys making fun of him, respond?

What do you anticipate from the manga before watching it? We’ve gathered details about the animation. Continue reading!

The younger girl of my friend has it out for me! Launch Date

The younger girl of my friend has it out for me! Launch Date

Countdown to April 4, 2024 at 10:00 AM( UTC )



The My Brother’s Little Girl Has It In for Me genre version was revealed at the GA Festival 2021 event. on January 31, 2021. The Van from the CD Drama are reportedly playing the part again, according to the statement.

Because there was no more information about the animation for two years after the initial news, it was like fading from the fans’ thoughts.

The animation generation was not made public until GA Bunko Festival 2023. My Friend’s Little Sister Has It in for Me! artist Ghost Mikawa also mentioned that he was moving slowly behind the scenes.

Before we learn anything new about the animation, it might take decades. It is safe to assume that the manga will debut in 2024 based on the author’s message.

The younger girl of a friend of mine has feelings for me! a truck

On January 31, 2021, the Inverter was made available. The Va for the five main characters are featured in a slide show graphics that only lasts 30 seconds in the videos. They are:

  • As Ooboshi Akiteru, Ishiya Haruki
  • As Kohinata Iroha, Suzuhiro Sayumi
  • As Tsukinomori Mashiro, Kusunoki Tomori
  • Kohinata Ozuma as Saitou Soum
  • As Kageishi Sumire, Hanazawa Kana

Except for the VAs’ show, nothing can be gleaned from the Inverter. There is no fresh Solar being released after 2 years of waiting.

The new Solar for My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In For Me will update this part. is made public.

The younger girl of a friend of mine has feelings for me! a tale

The line between love and hate is very narrow.

A child has now fallen for you if she enjoys making fun of you!

However, Akiteru doesn’t fit the adage. The successful, loving high school student constantly interacts annoyingly with the girls in his neighborhood, but he never gets a perfect date!

He also views it as a gift, despite his regret. He put his effort into making a match with his friends while his uncle was around rather than wasting his children on love.

However, there is a requirement that must be met before he can agree to be his uncle’s partner, which is his cherished child. He accepts the hook in order to advance the game.

What did Iroha, the little sister of his best friend who enjoys making fun of him, would when she learns the news?

The younger girl of my friend has it out for me! News

Ghost Mikawa wrote and Tomari illustrated the Chinese light novel My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me!, Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai.

In April 2019, he released it on SB Creative with their GA Bunko depression. On October 15, 2022, the eighth amount was made available.

The gentle tale was granted a license by J-Novel Club in November 2020, and the first level was released on February 10th, 2021. There are nine English levels in circulation as of January.

The line, which is based on GA Bunko Festival 2023, has already sold 600,000 copies.

Ghost Mikawa is a distinctive author who has produced 16 set in his ten years of writing. He has already released 62 volumes of light works with various names since his debut book Wizard & amp, Warrior with Money in 2012.

For the report, Kazuma Kamachi, the author of A Certain Magical Index, is a well-known gentle novelist who only manages to release 15 different names as of 2004.

In addition to his role as the gentle novel writer, he also holds a second job. It entails creating the narrative for adult games, internet content( Gimai Seikatsu ), manga, and games.

With such a busy schedule, it is understandable why anime manufacturing is moving so carefully. Not to mention that Gimai Seikatsu, his another light book, has been confirmed to have an animation translation.

Can we anticipate the information this year? Well, who can say? This wish that after reading his post, we will quickly receive more details about the animation.

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