Nakime’s role explained in Muzan’s plans in Demon Slayer

Nakime's Role

In the anime series “Demon Slayer,” the Biwa Demon, Nakime’s role is crucial in Muzan Kibutsuji’s plans. She was Muzan’s right-hand woman and was responsible for creating portals, allowing Muzan to travel instantly to any location. This ability makes her an extremely valuable asset to Muzan, as it enables him to move quickly and easily throughout the world.

Role of Nakime in Muzan’s plan

Creation of portal for Muzan 

Nakime first worked to create the portals that allow Muzan to travel quickly to any location. She used her Biwa(a traditional Japanese string instrument) to create the portal. She plays her Biwa by specific melodies and creates a temporary portal that connects two faraway locations. 

Controls the infinity castle

Nakime also takes the responsibility of controlling the Infinity Castle which is a mysterious extra-dimensional castle that was a domain of Muzan. She can control the castle space by playing her Biwa and is able to create endless rooms that all are interconnected with each other.

With the help of this ability, she allows her to fight offensively against the enemies and plays a significant role in the series.

Summoning up of upper-rank Demon

She has also a role in the Infinity Castle, Nakime is also responsible for summoning the Upper-Rank Demons for  Muzan’s meetings. She uses her Biwa to call them to the castle, where Muzan discusses his plans and expresses his disappointment in their lack of progress. This highlights Nakime’s importance in Muzan’s plans, as she is the one who ensures that the Upper-Rank Demons are present at critical meetings.

What was the impact of Nakime’s role in the story?

Nakime plays an important role in the story “Demon Slayer”. And has a significant role in the Muzan’s plan. 

Her ability to create portals and consolation of the infinity castle helps Muzan to move quickly and easily attack from unexpected places, which makes Muzan a powerful opponent. 

The Power of summoning the upper-rank Demon with the help of her Biwa also shows the importance of these powerful demons in Muzan’s plan.


What was Nikame’s role in Muzan’s plan?

Nikame has various roles, like portal creation, summoning of upper-rank demons, and controls the infinity castle.

Who was Nikame?

Nikame was Muzan’s right-hand woman.

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