One Piece Episode 1110 Release Date and Time, Where To Watch, What to Expect Next?


If you are a fan of One Piece and waiting for episode 1110 then here is some good news for you. One Piece Episode 1110 is coming on Sunday 30 June 2024 at 9:30 am and this information is from the official X account of One Piece.

There are so many questions that fans want to know like if the Egghead arc continues to give focus to other areas of the world amidst Luffy and co’s conundrum. 

According to Your Country Date & Time Of Releasing Episode 1110 Of One Piece

If you live in Japan then there is no problem for you because in Japan One Piece Episode 1110 will arrive at 9:30 on Sunday 30 June 2024. But if you live outside of Japan and you are thinking about when One Piece Episode 1110 release internationally here is some information for you about when will be the episode release in your country.

Time zonesLocal date and time
Pacific Daylight Time5:30 pm, Saturday, June 29, 2024
Eastern Daylight Time8:30 pm, Saturday, June 29, 2024
Greenwich Mean Time12:30 am, Sunday, June 30, 2024
Central European Time1:30 am, Sunday, June 30, 2024
Indian Standard Time6 am, Sunday, June 30, 2024
Philippine Standard Time9:30 am, Sunday, June 30, 2024
Japanese Standard Time9:30 am, Sunday, June 30, 2024
Australia Central Standard Time11 am, Sunday, June 30, 2024

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1110?

After releasing in Japan you can watch One Piece Episode 1110 on Crunchyroll or Netflix. After releasing in Japan anyone can watch the Egghead arc via Netflix streaming, the app will allow you to stream. It’s not clear if Netflix will keep streaming the newest episodes after the Egghead arc ends.

Take The Recap Of One Piece Episode 1109

Episode 1109 of One Piece starts with S-Hawk, he was using his Dice-Dice Fruit powers on Zror and Luffy. They avoid the attacks and protect Lucci and Kaku, promoting the idea of freeing them so they can all fight together. But Zoro denied it and Shaka questioned Lucci for his mission. This made him reveal their goal of killing all seven Vegapunks and Stussy because she betrayed them, but Luffy still ordered them to be freed despite this.

Luffy and Lucci decided to take on S-Bear and they teamed up and Kaku and Zoro were handling S-Hawk. Each pair was seen overpowering their Seraphim opponents, but then the focus shifted to Elbaf in the New World.

After that, we see The Red Hair Pirates in a bar where Shanks learns that Eustass Kid and his crew are coming for them and are near Elbaf’s shore. Shanks feels bad about causing trouble on the island just for a small argument as he walks to the shore.

He decides to give Kid a choice: either fight or give Shanks and his crew the Road Poneglyph rubbings he obtained from Wano and leave peacefully. Then the Kid Pirates arrive, and Killer reminds Kid that he lost an arm the last time they fought the Red Hair Pirates, even though they didn’t see Shanks. The episode ends with Killer warning Kid that he might lose his life this time, but Kid laughs it off and decides to go ahead with the fight.

What Can We Expect In One Piece Episode 1110?

It’s unclear what Episode 1110 of One Piece will focus on, but fans can expect battles in both scenarios. If it focuses on Elbaf, Shanks and Kid’s crews will start fighting each other. If it returns to Egghead Island, Luffy with Lucci and Zoro with Kaku will finish their fights. 

Episode 1110 will also start by showing the other group of Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead Island and update their current situations. Franky’s group is already under attack by S-Shake, and, likely, other Seraphim are also dealing with Sanji and the others at the same time.

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