Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite

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Vyara area is roughly 30 kilometers away from Padamdungari Ecotourism, and Unai and the camp are the next 8 kilometers. It is located among the Sahyadri rocks on the banks of the river Ambika. When you visit Padamdungari sustainable hospitality, roads, uphill and downhill excursions, twilight work, tower-free Avadhudlands, and mystic groves are the suggested attractions.

The picturesque area is home to a variety of rough, undulating, and abundant landscapes, as well as dense, storied habitats. Giant, canine, herbivore, bird, reptile, and other organic animals are examples of personality. Some areas of the site are bods of beautiful and good natural life, which the Ambika River’s undulating convergence notes in favor. This is ideal for its streamside homes, ideal camping conditions, and lovely, ethereal Raj. Surat, the pinnacle of trust, is definitely where she has run.

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Tourist huts, reception areas, other features / facilities, nature trails, good arches, and exposure to locals are all examples of campsites. It is also possible to take local sightseeing excursions to Chand-Surya, Ui Hot Springs and Ghusmai Temples, Waghai Botanical Garden, Timber Workshop, Vansada National Park, and Shabri. activities like floating, boating, and wire. may be planned on the Ambika valley as well.

Dang, Don Hill Stop

Ecotourism in Padamdungari is offered as follows:-

  • Center for Preference
  • 8 non-AC and 2 Electric homes
  • Camp lodging with individual restroom and restroom amenities
  • independent area for the fire
  • a chance to view the scenery and wildlife
  • a tiny southwestern hub for military animals
  • a fantastic restaurant or cafeteria that is totally secure.
  • amphitheatre for large social gatherings and events.
  • People find housing and other amenities for lone tourists.
  • Individual areas with screens, both AC and non-AC.
  • Tent with a spotless restroom and bathroom change.
  • Center for Preference to meet and brief you about Campplay.
  • individual dinner and kitchen areas.
  • For viewing the natural life, bamboo and bamboo huts and great places offer wonderful beauty.
Ecotourism in Padamdungari
Ecotourism in Padamdungari

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Where to go:-

  • Be sure to visit the Center for Preference first before you start at the campsite as it will give you a good idea of ​​what you will be experiencing during your stay.
  • Please apply your belief; the majority of these sustainable campsites use light that uses solar energy.
  • No smoking at all( cigarette butts contain fire )
  • No colors or ostentatious images. If the image lapses between places of trees, do interrupt the party; adjust the camera correctly.
  • Do not bring any convenient electronics or sound-producing equipment with you; if you do, switch it off.
  • It is forbidden to pick plants or insects anywhere, and walls and temples must not be removed.
  • To charge wildlife, don’t alter any quick movements.
  • Avoid approaching the thing very closely.
  • There should be no dogs with you.
  • There isn’t any misuse. Just proper disposal of trash is acceptable.
  • It is forbidden to take or use any column equipment or additional arms.
Ecotourism in Padamdungari
Ecotourism in Padamdungari

How do you close?

By highway:-

The park is divided by the Waghai – Vansada State Highway and is adjacent to National Highway number 8. Waghai, which is 4 miles away, is the closest area. It is 40 kilometers from Belimora, 60 kilometers away from Saputara, and 28 miles from Ahwa. Personal exploration of the place is the simplest, but public transportation is accessible, albeit sparingly.

Then, there are buses that take you from Surat, Belimora, and Valsadi to Vansoda; from it, you may spend Rs. You rent a car for the area for$ 50. There isn’t anything appropriate close to Vansada, but you can also hail a cab from Surat, Belimor, or Valsidi. The best option for everyone in Dang is Ahawa by ST vehicle, the district’s main station, and on a head from where the ascent to Waghai Saputara begins.

By train:-

The closest train place is in Waghai. Check to see if the narrow gauge road link that connects Ahva to Beemora is still there when you get there. This small determine rail is already environmentally friendly. A unique thrill may result from it.

by surroundings:-

Surat, which is 120 miles away, is the closest airport by heat.

Additional Details:-

Padam Dungar is made up of numerous cabins with offices, case descriptions, spaces, amphitheaters, and other encampments that also include things like fire, tube, navigating, paddling, an aviri jivan mane, etc. In addition to that, you can go to some of the well-known places outside, such as Shabri, Vansda National Park, Chand-Surya, Unai Hot Springs, Ghusmai Sanctuary, Wood Workshop, and Waghoi Ancient House.

Best time to travel:-

The best time to visit Padamdungari eco tourism is between the long months of October and March, such as spring and activities, when everyone is out and about.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay on the lenders of the Ambika River at Gujarat’s first” single use plastic tourists center.” We ask that you follow the guidelines:

Travelers are required to present immunization certificates or RTPC test results for Covid – 19 in accordance with federal regulations.

Quiet listeners or any other device will not be permitted in the center due to noise pollution.

Travelers who are carrying single use plastic items, such as water bottles( PET ), cold drink bottles, wafer packets, plastic plates, thermocol dishes, or any other items that fall under this category, are not permitted entry.

Your bag or handbag will be checked by personnel before check-in to make sure that not a solitary used cheap item enters the ecotourism center.

Inside the centre, consuming beer or any other substance is strictly forbidden and strictly enforced.

All terms and conditions related to trees will be valid because the Padamdungari ecotourism Center is a protected forest.

You will receive a full refund if there are any unusual circumstances in which we must cancel your reservation( for any government-related activity ).

Standard website:

Another local sights include:-

You can also visit various local locations if you have time to spare while you’re in Padamdungari for ecotourism. These locations range in proximity to Padamdungari ecotourism and some of them.

Author: Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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