Paul Pressler, Christian Conservative Leader, Dies At 94

Paul Pressler

Paul Pressler, a Southern Baptist leader died at the age of 94, on June 7, 2024. Pressler was an important figure in the Southern Baptist Convention’s “conservative resurgence” in the 1980s.

Pressler’s legacy was marked by disputes, particularly in the context of sexual abuse allegations. He was accused of sexual abuse. A lawsuit was filed against him by a former assistant, Gareld Duane Rollins, who alleged that Pressler had sexually assaulted him.

Death Cause Of Paul Pressler

Family and friends of Paul Pressler were in mourning condition after the death. The main cause of the death of the Christian conservative leader, Paul Pressler was not officially disclosed by the authorities. The Information provided only talks about his life, and career as a Southern Baptist leader and judge, as well as the charges of sexual abuse against him instead of describing the cause of his death.

Funeral Of Paul Pressler

Paul Pressler’s funeral was on Saturday, June 15, at the Geo. H. Lewis and Sons Funeral Home in Houston, Texas. According to the sources, the main speaker at the funeral of Paul Pressler was mentioned in the information.

Who was Paul Pressler And His Family?

Baptist leader, Paul Pressler was born on June 4, 1930, in Houston, Texas. He went to Phillips Exeter Academy and Princeton University, graduating in 1952. Then he went to the University of Texas at Austin’s law school. 

Pressler had strong Christian faith and he was involved in the Southern Baptist Convention. He became a judge in Texas, serving as a state district judge and later he became a state court judge from 1970 to 1993. His conservative views and leadership within the Southern Baptist Convention played an important role in giving the denomination’s direction in the 1980s.


The wife of Paul Pressler was Nancy Avery, They married in the year 1959 and they have 3 children. His wife had graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts and joined Pressler’s thoughts about liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Sexual allegation on Paul Pressler

The Christian conservative leader, Paul Pressler, was accused of sexually abusing several people, At least eight men, including the former assistant, accused Pressler of sexual abuse. The charges included claims of sexual assault, inappropriate behavior, and using young men.  In December 2022, a private meeting was conducted to settle down the allegation against Paul Pressler, with the Southern Baptist Church, and others. Pressler denied the allegations and was never charged with a crime.


At what age did Paul Pressler die?

At the age of 94, Paul Pressler died.

What was the reason for Paul Pressler’s death?

The main cause of death was not disclosed yet.

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