Pink Dolphin Spotted in North Carolina, is it real or Fake?

Pink Dolphin

The recent viral photos shows a “pink dolphin” spotted in North Carolina have been confirmed as likely fake or digitally manipulated. While pink dolphins do exist in parts of South America, their appearance in North Carolina would be highly unusual and rare. Experts have pointed out several indicators that the photos are not genuine, including the dolphin’s unnaturally smooth skin, the word “cola” written on its forehead, and the identical poses across multiple images. The incident highlights the need for critical examination of viral content and verification of information from reliable sources, as the spread of such fictional images can contribute to the spread of false information on social media.

Is this Pink Dolphin real or fake?

The viral photos circulating on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, show a vibrant pink dolphin jumping in the air and another on North Carolina’s Hatteras Beach.

However, upon closer inspection, the reality of these photos has been called into question. The North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Southeast Regional Office have both confirmed that there is no evidence of a pink dolphin seen in North Carolina waters. 

Additionally, reverse image searches revealed that these photos have not been shared by any reputable news outlets.

Experts have identified several indicators that suggest the photos are either fake or digitally manipulated. These include the dolphin’s skin lacking natural texture and appearing unnaturally smooth, and the word “cola” written on the dolphin’s forehead, the identical poses of the dolphin in each photo, and the stylized appearance of the sand and water, which may suggest the use of AI in generating the images.

Is Pink Dolphin Do Exist In Real Life?

Pink Dolphins do exist but they are very rare to see in real life they are typically found in the freshwater of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South America.

And the Albino bottlenose can also appear pink due to genetic change, but they are very rare and have been seen in the United States.


Is this pink dolphin real or fake?

This pink dolphin is likely fake or digitally manipulated.

Where is this pink dolphin spotted?

It was spotted in North Carolina.

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