Princess Principal: Part 3 Release Date [Trailer, Story]

Princess Principal Part 3 Release Date

On April 7, 2023, the next installment of the all-girl hacker squad premieres in theaters. The information was released on November 13, 2020.

The struggle for the crown suddenly begins in the next section. The Kingdom of Albion enters a period of trial with the passing of the first heir apparent. The opposing area, Commonwealth, decides to join the conflict because it doesn’t stand by.

What can you anticipate from Princess Principal‘s next act? Come get started!

Transfer Time for Princess Principal: Piece 3

Transfer Time for Princess Principal: Piece 3

Countdown to April 27, 2023 at 10:00 AM( UTC )



The third installment of Princess Principal has already been released!

The Princess Principal job decided to create a follow-up to the original series after receiving high praise from viewers. The staff’s decision to make six videos instead of traditional anime bouts caught the fans off guard.

In April 2020, the first film was first released. However, the film was moved to February 2021 as a result of COVID-19.

The next film debuted in theaters shortly after that in September 2021.

According to the data, the second film brought in about 100 million renminbi, and the second film drew about 90 million. This equals 190 million hankering for one-third of the entire film set.

One of the six parts for the Princess Principal: Crown Handler movies that have already been planned is The Princess main: Part 3.

On April 7, 2023, the next part will finally be released in theaters after an additional time and a half.

Trailer for Princess Principal

On November 13, 2022, the second video for Princess Principal was made available. The first function is summed up in the trailer for the next installment.

Additionally, it depicts the following occasion— the first king’s royal funeral. The second princess Mary’s murderous scheme is also alluded to in the speech. In the previous exchange, Charlotte begs Ange to assist her in stopping the execution.

The Princess Principal: Part 3 much employees record is returned. The film’s director is in charge of Tachibana Masaki. Kimura Noboru continues to write the text for the film. He takes the place of Ookouchi Ichirou, the original Princess Principal time scriptwriter. Iwanami Yoshikazu returns as sound producer in the interim.

In contrast to the first period of Princess Principal, which was created in collaboration with Studio 3Hz, this film is only animated by the Actas studio, just like the two previous films.

The same bird from Princess Principal‘s first season is even returned by the cast. The following are the voices of the five major figures:

  • As Ange, Koga Aoi
  • Charlotte as Sekine Akira
  • You as Taichi as Dorothy
  • As Beatrice, Kageyama Akari
  • Furuki Nozomi in the role of Chise

Story of the Princess Principal

The plot takes place in a made-up environment that resembles 19th-century London.

The Kingdom of Albion was once a single country. However, the Albion is now split into the Kingdom and Commonwealth due to a revolutionary sparked by lower class people. When they come to a standstill, they build an enormous wall to break Albion.

They then send spies to one another in an effort to stop a war or undermine the other country because they are thinking about an impending conflict.

There is an all-female detective unit from Commonwealth by the name of Team White Pigeon. With their skills in dishonesty and fraud, they have performed their duties admirably.

Ange and her friend make contact with the royal house in the first and second chapters of the film. The following princess’s life is in grave danger after the demise of the first lord in the next part.

Charlotte begs Ange for assistance in averting the murder of the following lady. Is Ange do that, though?

News from Princess Principal

The original piece from the engagement of Actas and Studio 3Hz is called Princess Principal.

The project’s announcement was made on March 24, 2017. The collection, which lasted only four months, debuted in July 2017 and completed the summer stone of anime of 2017.

The collection was granted a North American license by Sentai Filmworks, and MVM Films was given permission to heat it in the UK. The registration for South Asia and South East Asia was obtained by Medialink.

This animation received a lot of compliments from the viewers because of the distinctive placing it has to offer.

The set was also nominated for the best beginning of the 2nd Crunchyroll Anime Awards. At the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2022, the first two movies were included in the 100 favourite anime nominees for the category of animation of the year.

Not only was the TV show announced, but the job even revealed the game’s creation. Later, the game was released in August 2017.

Princess Principal: Game of Mission, a mobile game, was never particularly popular. Sadly, the sport was suspended in December 2018.

Now that the fourth installment is close at hand, how will the fans respond to the show’s climax?

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