Pro Surfer And Actor Tamayo Perry Killed By Shark In Hawaii

Pro Surfer And Actor Tamayo Perry Killed By Shark In Hawaii

There are a couple named Tamayo Perry and Emilia Perry, who celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary months before the death of their husband. Actor Tamayo Perry died on Sunday, at the age of 49 on June 23, 2024. He is known to celebrity with roles in films and TV shows like Blue Crush, Hawaii Five-0, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Lost. In Hawaii, there is the Island of Oahu, Authorities claimed that Tamayo died from being attacked by a shark while he was surfing. He lived and worked in Hawaii as the City and Country of Honolulu Ocean Safety Lifeguard.

He will be remembered for his impressive surfing skills and, as Honolulu Ocean Safety Acting Chief Kurt Lager said, his “infectious” personality. His community, especially his family, is also dealing with the tremendous loss. His wife was by his side throughout his career and life. Upon his death, many knew about his partner and their relationship that ended too soon.

In the early 2000s, he debuted acting by playing himself in Blue Crush. The year before the Kate Bosworth-led film Debuted, he committed his life to his wife. Emilia was born and raised in Western Australia, where she built her career as a professional bodyboarder. She suddenly moved to Hawaii to suffer. While there, she met Tamayo and fell in love with him. They married on December 31, 2001.

After 15 years of marriage, Tamayo and Emilia decided to start a business together in 2016. Oahu Surfing Experience created this business, which offers surfing lessons and professional mermaid shoots in Hawaii. On the website, his wife shared how her partnership with Tamayo improved her life and career as a professional surfer.

When Emilia was 18 years old, she came to Hawaii for a competition and met Tamayo while bodyboarding out at Pipeline. She wrote in her Oahu Surfing Experience bio,” A few years later, I picked up a surfboard, we got married and there was no turning back. The vast amounts of ocean Knowledge that Tamayo has ingrained in me over the years is priceless.”

From what we know, Tamayo and Emilia did not have any children during their 22-year marriage. However, their love was enough to sustain him, as the surfer shared in another Instagram post on Emilia’s birthday several weeks before his passing.

“I never want you to forget, that I love & adore you,” Tamayo wrote to his ‘beautiful mermaid.’ “Thank you for always pulling me out of my box, & instigating & sharing so many wild & crazy adventures with me. You are a wild child & it will be an honor to share many more birthdays, surf sessions & journeys around God’s glorious planet together with you my darling. Happy Birthday my gorgeous wife & I hope your day is an absolutely special one for you.

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