Racist Trolls Come For 12-Year-Old Black TikTok Creator

Racist Trolls Come For 12-Year-Old Black TikTok Creator

A very popular TikTok sensation William posts videos of cooking and food recipes. He is just 2 years old and has more than 1 million followers on TikTok. He was even praised by the famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

But with popularity, hate comes that we can see in his comment section by users who were trolling him as racist and much more. But other black TikTok users come in support of William and call TikTok a racist because it is allowing racism.

Snap Wexler (@snapwexler) a famous TikToker said in a viral video that the app is not doing enough to protect Black creators like @cooking_withwilliam and the black people are giving more contributions to the app.

In the past three videos, Wexler said, “People are so immature and so ignorant that they were taking the time to write out an anagram of the N-word.” Wexler reported three comments of racism from the Chef William video but TikTok said there is no violation according to our guidelines then Wexler said “So you can call a 12-year-old boy the N-word and it’s fine? It’s not fine.”

In TikTok guidelines, it is not stated that do not criticize something or someone strongly and publicly “discrimination” or racism it states that “TikTok is enriched by the diversity of our community. Our differences should be embraced, rather than a cause for division. We do not allow any hate speech, hateful behaviour, or promotion of hateful ideologies.”

Maybe the original racist replies are deleted by the users or by the admin. But Wexler’s video pushes people to support William’s page. Now his comment section is full of black users who are “running security” to make sure William is protected.

People are supporting William, @Memphis_Mek replied to William’s recent video “The fact we all came as this young man’s army! We standing behind and in front of u baby.”

A TikTok user @boymom.x4 said, “As we’re all scrolling and on patrol…make sure yall are liking and commenting [on] each of his videos as well!”

@1_bellarose wrote “Auntie & Niece from Indiana doing comment security check! Also followed!”

Wexler posted a video on TikTok in which he thanked the people for supporting and showing love to William, and said “Young people do need some sort of encouragement to be everything they can be.”

Now William started again making TikTok videos without getting worried about the racist or hate comments because he knows that whenever he needs support there is an army behind him supporting. Wexler took a stand in which he said that the app TikTok is racist and “if enough people complain about something, [TikTok] seems to react to it.”

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