Video Shows Rafting Guides And Tourists Battling Each Other With Paddles In Rishikesh

Video Shows Rafting Guides And Tourists Battling Each Other With Paddles In Rishikesh

When in Rishikesh, tourists often visit temples and participate in the Ganga aarti, and some students and families come to enjoy their holiday and engage in popular activities like rafting. There are also some more activities like watersports for fun and adventure. Most people here visit only for river rafting, which is supposed to be fun and adventurous, it recently turned violent after two groups clashed near the Rishikesh Brahmapuri rafting point. The violence between the rafting guides and tourists, where the tourist and guides both bit them by the paddles, then the most people injured from that incident.

Rishikesh Rafting Fight

There the group of tourists is seen preparing for a rafting adventure when they are suddenly confronted by the guides, who begin hitting them with paddles. In June India marks a bustling tourist season. With universities, academic, organizations, and judicial offices closed, many flock to popular destinations nationwide.

However, a current viral video showing a clash between tourists and rafting guides in Rishikesh has cast a shadow over the reputation of this famous tourist destination. Tourist members bit the Rafting guides very badly, and all the tourists suddenly attacked the guides rafting, then all guides attacked the tourist members. The video of this fight went viral on social media outlets, the fighting took place on the banks of the Ganges and has gone viral in Rishikesh, “Uttarakhand”. 

How Did the Internet React?

In the Footage, people are caught attacking each other and using paddles as weapons during a river rafting outing. The video had 381.6k views and 2501 likes and there are too many comments. In the social media platform, videos go in trends.

“According to what I heard about this incident. The travelers were drinking alcohol on the riverbanks despite being told not to. When contended, they started verbally abusing people, which led to them being beaten up.”

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