Releasing Date Of Geek Girl Season 2, Will We See Harriet Manners In Season 2?


Geek Girl is a web series that is going viral on social media right now, people are asking for geek girl season 2. If you don’t know about its series and want to know, read it in the full article, and you will get all the answers to your questions.

It is a good-feel series in which an awkward student becomes a model. Geek Girl is getting so much love from the audience because of the performance of the cast and the story of the series. People love it because it is a different series from others, in this story of Netflix people are just watching Emily Carey because she tells how a regular student becomes a model.

The Geek Girl Season 1 was released on 30th May and people love the series and just asking one question, when will the second season of Geek Girl be release? And will Carey come back?

The series of Geek Girl Is a super hit on Netflix and gets millions of views in just one week. In season 1 there are 10 episodes. Right now it is #7 on the Global Netflix TV English Titles and become the third most streamed original web series in the week of May 31-June 6. The first season is streaming very quickly on Netflix and after the huge success of season 1, there will be definitely season 2 but right now there is no such information about the release date of season 2.

What Is Geek Girl?

Geek Girl is a fictional web series which is on the life of Harriet Manners (played by Carey). She is an awkward school student who never fits in any student group and always gets bullied by people. One day when they were on a school trip to London Fashion Week, unexpectedly some models chose her to star in a major fashion show.

She said it was like a dream come true for me. But she doesn’t know how the modelling industry works from the inside. The Harriet faces big secrets, tough competition, hidden romances, and drama.

The Love Carey Getting As A Harriet Manners

Carey is the lead role actor in this web series. She is also known for Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon. She also played a role in Wonder Woman of young Diana Prince and the Tomb Raider reboot she played a young Lara Croft. She performed as Young Shrek and Young Fiona on stage in Shrek the Musical in London’s West End.

Will We See Harriet Manners In Season 2?

If they make season 2 of Greek Girls maybe there will definitely be Harriet Manners because people love her character and want to see more Harriet Manners, even Carey loved this character she said in an interview “I became so attached to the books because the character made me feel so incredibly seen… at a time when I felt so strongly like I didn’t belong anywhere. Finding Harriet Manners, I felt like I belonged with her in that world.” So there is hope of coming Harriet Manners in Greek Girls Season 2.

What Could Be The Story Of Season 2?

In season 2 there could be a story like, Harriet Manners is getting bigger in the modelling Industry and her relationship is increasing with Nick. The challenges they face in season one expecting that they will increase in season 2. There could be chances that Harriet got her anxiety back. But let’s see what will happen in season 2, if there will be any information about Geek Girl Season 2, we will update that on this website so stay updated on this site.

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