Remo Saraceni, The Inventor Of The Walking Piano Died In The Age Of 89


Remo Saraceni was a toy inventor, sculptor and technological fantasist, he died at the age of 89 on 3 June in Swarthmore, Pa. The news of him went viral on social media. He is best known for his creation of the Walking Piano on which Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia danced on the loved song of the hit movie “Big” in 1998.

Remo Saraceni died in the house of Mr Medaugh, he had been living there for a few recent years. The reason for his death was heart failure told by his assistant and caretaker, Benjamin Medaugh.

Once Remo Saraceni told in New York magazine in 1976 that he has speciality in “interactive electronics.” He invented so many things like a stethoscope stereo system that could boom out your heartbeat, a clock that could reply aloud when you asked it the time and Plexiglas clouds that lit up at the sound of a whistle with a pastel colour appropriate for a room’s lighting. They all were powered by Remo Saraceni’s voice (SAR-ah-SAY-nee) which is called people energy.

Who was Remo Saraceni? And About His Personal Life

Remo Saraceni was born on 15 January 1935 in Fossacesia, a city on the southern coast of Italy. His father’s name was Giuseppe he worked with relatives to make shoes and other goods from leather. His mother’s name was Filomena Carulli she was a housewife, and she managed the home.

Remo used to take classes in electronics in Milan and worked for the Italian Military. He also works as a television repairman. After some time he started his own large portable suitcase. In 1964 he came to the United States for the World’s Fair and to seek a better livelihood, he didn’t know the American language did not have any friends in America and had no savings.

He found the work of a repairman in America and wrote a note on paper hung on the mirror of the bathroom in that note written that “America is where everything is possible.”

Then he married a girl named “Maria Francione” in 1965, but things were not getting right so they divorced in 1976. After this, he married again in 1995 with the same girl “Maria Francione”. Because she was ill and died in a short period of time, he had two sons Ugo and Luca, and two grandchildren, In his surviving time they were there for him.  

In the early 1990s, he was famous enough and successful. He had his own workshop of 20,000-square-foot in Philadelphia and more than 20 employees work there. Children love to visit there and his client’s children also come there from around the world. There are so many gadgets made by Remo Saraceni like a “musical hand”: motion sensors hooked up to a sheet of music. Children wave their hands and the classical sound is created according to the movement of their hands.

After the movie “Big” his work exploded, but sometimes he was forced by people to spend time chasing the copycat manufacturers who were using their products without any trademark. 

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