Sara Saffari Age Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, Husband, Net Worth & More

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Get to know Sara Saffari her age, height, weight, wiki, bio, husband, net worth, and more! Discover fascinating details about her life.

The exact American community that Sara Saffari was born into resided in USA’s Kentucky. Her astrology sign is Pisces, and her title is Sara. In the year 2019, Sara Saffari went to Adolfo Camarillo High School’s standard high school. Despite her renown on social media, Sara Safari currently attends an unappreciated school.

Earlier in 2023, with a minimal GPA of 4, Sara Saffari did finish her knowledge. We will go into more detail about Sara Saffari’s years, wiki, profile, height, weight, household, husband, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, carrier, and net worth in this post.

Sara Saffari WikiDetails
NameSara Saffari
renowned forInstagram model, fitness & amp
Date of Birth27 February 2001
BirthplaceUSA’s Kentucky
Age( as of 2023 )22
Zodiac signalPisces
ProfessionInfluence on health and Instagram
Position or hometownUSA’s Kentucky
SchoolHigh School in Adolfo Camarillo
academic backgroundNA
Hobbieswalking for a while
Relationship StatusUnmarried

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Sara Saffari Early Life & Education

Sara Saffari is an American Influencer in health and Instagram who is famous for her fitness and lifestyle content. Sara Saffari was born on 27 February 2001 in USA’s Kentucky. Sara Saffari is 22 years old as of 2023. Sara Saffari is a Pisces by zodiac sign. Sara Saffari is of American nationality and belongs to the Christian religion.

Is Sara Saffari Dating A Well-Known Athlete?

Sara Saffari grew up in Kentucky and attended Adolfo Camarillo High School. Sara Saffari did not go to college and instead focused on her online career. Sara Saffari started posting on Instagram in 2018 and gained popularity for her stunning photos and videos.

Sara Saffari also joined TikTok and YouTube, where Sara Saffari shared her fitness tips and workout routines with her followers.

Sara Saffari is currently unmarried and single. Sara Saffari shared in a Q&A video on her YouTube channel that Sara Saffari is not currently dating anyone and is looking for someone who is consistent, reassuring, and goal-oriented.

Her ethnicity is believed to be mixed, with a possible Spanish background, and Sara Saffari is American. However, Sara Saffari has chosen to keep her parents’ information private. Sara Saffari has one brother, but his name is not known.

Sara Safari Physical Information And More

Here are some safari physical information and more details.

Sara Safari Physical Information
Height( approximate ).5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm / 1.62 meters)
( Aproximate weight )60 kg (133 lbs) in Kilograms
Colour of the eyesBrown
Colour of maneBlack
system dimensions33-24-35

Career Of Sara Safari 

Sara Saffari had an active childhood, playing basketball and running track, but before her social media fame, Sara Saffari worked minimum wage jobs at various restaurants and shops. In April 2021, Sara Saffari began consistently going to the gym to combat sadness, and within a year, Sara Saffari underwent a remarkable transformation.

Who Is Sara Saffari Husband ?

Sara Saffari made the decision to begin posting fitness-related information on Instagram and TikTok after feeling proud of her development. Sara Saffari had been using Instagram for more than five years, but Sara Saffari hadn’t started posting about conditioning until the beginning of 2022. Her second peaked in May 2022, when Sara Saffari attracted 305k Instagram followers and 231k TikTok followers. Her videos received millions of views immediately.

Sara Saffari developed relationships with other bloggers as Sara Saffari became more well-known, appearing in videos with Bradley Martin, 4fun, and people. Sara Saffari already has 759k TikTok followers and over 635k Instagram followers, totaling 24 million likes.

Sara started her own YouTube channel in April 2022 with the goal of producing longer-format films and treating social media more severely. Her stream often features guests like Bryce Hall and Alex Eubank in exercise videos and podcasts. Her route now has 2.5 million total views and over 35k clients.

How Much Is Sara Saffari Net Worth?

Sara Saffari’s estimated net worth is $550,000. Sara Saffari started as a minimum-wage earner, but in a few months, Sara Saffari became a prominent fitness influencer. Her major source of income is through sponsorships, particularly with fitness brands like Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Gymshark, and Bloom Nutrition

Sara Saffari also earns commissions through her referral codes when her followers buy any product. Sara recently launched a membership program on Solin, offering lifting programs, nutrition guidance, and challenges at a $10 monthly fee. This move has been profitable for her, as Sara Saffari is in the top 5% of creators on the platform.

What Is Sara Saffari Favorite Things?

Favourite shadePink
Preferred ProfessionalReynolds, Ryan
Preferred artistAniston, Jennifer
Favorite FilmsWolverine, The Notebook, and Friends with Benefits
Preferred musiciansAriana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sara Saffarieran
Popular CuisinePizza, rice, and dish
Favourite FashionistasNike, Gucci, and Natural Gear
Beloved publicationsThe Lady on the Station, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Hunger Games collection
Preferred Place to GoHawaii, Paris, and the Islands
Arrangement PhysicalStraight

Sara Saffari Lifestyle

  • Sara Saffari smokes, right? No.
  • Sara Saffari drinks drinking, right? Rarely
  • Does Sara Saffari operate a vehicle? The answer is yes.
  • Does Sara Saffari have grilling skills? Yes.
  • Sara Saffari can float, right? Yes.
  • Is Sara Saffari a doctor, then? No.
  • Does Sara Saffari exercise at the gym? Yes.
  • Sara Saffari’s a pedestrian, right? No.

What Is Sara Saffari’s Social Media Username?

Here we can provide you Sara Saffari Social Media Username.

Sara SafariSocial Media
Platforms For Social InternetHandle/Username
a Facebook siteSara Saffari
YouTubeSara Saffari

Facts About Sara Saffari 

Here are some facts about Sara Saffari

  • Sara Saffari resides in Los Angeles, California.
  • Sara Saffari doesn’t practice any religion.
  • Her arms are her most used body.
  • Sara Saffari has a parrot scar on her left shoulder.
  • At least three times a year, Sara Saffari exercises her legs.
  • COD: Modern Warfare 2 is the film match Sara Saffari plays the most.
  • Sara Saffari uses Creatine HCl Powder to exercise.
  • Her email address is sarasaffari [ dot ] mgmt [/ gmail ] com, for business purposes.
  • Sara_ saffari is her Snapchat account.
  • Sara Saffari bought her first car when Sara Saffari was 17 years old.
  • Sara Saffari uses her password, never sarasaffari, to create a false Instagram account.
  • The Nissan GT-R is her excellent vehicle.


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How old Is Sara Saffari?

Sara Saffari is 22 years old. Sara Saffari was born on 27 February 2001.

Where Is Sara Saffari from?

Sara Saffari is from USA’s Kentuck

Where Does Sara Saffari live?

Sara Saffari’s current residence is not publicly known. Sara Saffari may still live in Kentucky or have moved to another state.

What Is Sara Saffari Ethnicity Background?

Sara Saffari ethnicity background is not publicly known. Sara Saffari may have mixed ancestry or identify with a specific culture.

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