Sasha Obama, A Nail Art And Fashion Lover, Saw In A Nail Salon In Los Angeles, A Birthday Celebration


Sasha Obama is a girl who loves nail art and is a huge fan of nail art. In the past few years, she has been moved to Los Angeles for a career in sociology at the University of Southern California. Sasha is very interested in nail and fashion. This week she celebrated her 23rd birthday and after celebrating she was photographed attending the nail salon in Los Angeles.

In the photos, we can see that Sasha Obama is leaving the nail salon in Los Angeles. She is wearing very comfortable clothes like sweatpants, and a white tank top layered with a brown one and she has a green bag. She is wearing some jewellery, glasses and yellow flip-flops. Her nails are painted with red nail polish. She was looking very attractive and beautiful. She has a very different style from others. 

In the few past months, she has styled her nails in very different styles. She has very confidence in her looks and long nails and they all are eye-catching colours. In her styling, there were so many types used including metallic coloured polish the use of acrylics and so more. In her past years, she made her different style from everyone and that is the difference between Sasha and her sister Malia, Malia usually styles sport short nails. Sasha’s sister styles herself very simply and usually.

Celebration Of Sasha’s Birthday

Sasha Obama celebrated her 23rd birthday on 10 June. She gets so many celebrations and messages from everyone like her family, her parents, Barack Obama and Michelle. Everyone sends her very lovely messages including her friends. They all were proud of Sasha because she was making them proud and willful.  Michelle shared moving tributes on his social media, “Happy birthday, Sasha! You make me so incredibly proud. I hope this year brings you everything you want and more. Love you.” Michelle shared a photo of him and Sasha hugging each other on a rooftop in New York City. Everyone is proud of you because she chose a very different league from others and she succeeded in her goal.

Barack Obama shared on his Instagram an old photograph of them in which they both lay in the grass together. Barack writes  “Happy birthday, Sasha!” “It’s been such a joy to watch you make your own way in the world… and you’re just getting started!”

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