SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Release Date [Trailer, News]

SK8 The Infinity Season 2 Release Date
Skateboard into the limelight because Season 2 of SK8 The Infinity is approaching! Do you want to know when and where to enjoy it?

Continue reading to learn the most recent information and learn about the series’ creation.

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Transfer Time for SK8 The X Period 2

Transfer Time for SK8 The X Period 2

At 12:00 AM( UTC ), the countdown to September 23, 2023 begins.



Season 2 of SK8 The Infinity has already been released!

Wonderful news was revealed at the SK8 The Infinity Special Event in Japan in August 2022: Season 2 has been confirmed!

It was confirmed that a particular SK8 The InfinityOVA would be released in addition to the next year.

We estimate that the series was premiere as early as Fall 2023, though an official showing date has not yet been disclosed.

This is a developing account, so keep checking back for upgrades on Season 2!

Season 2 truck for SK8 The Infinity

With the news came the SK8 The Infinity Season 2 trailer video!

The main put and the news for the particular OVA are highlighted in the hyper-tense trailer. Observe it up top!

The Infinity Story, SK8

The workshop BONES, the manufacturing company behind Eureka Seven, Soul Eater, and Full Metal Alchemist, is the sole producer of the animation original series SK8 The Infinity( stylized as” SK”).

In Okinawa, a group of ardent but extreme riders compete in underwater skating competitions after midnight.

The races, also known as” S ,” take place underground in a mine that has been abandoned and is lined with abandoned mine carts and other hazardous obstacles.

Reki, a high school student who enjoys skating and is extremely passionate about it, races one day but unluckily breaks both his board and his finger in the process.

Reki meets Langa, a fresh classmate who has never skated when but needs money– and needs it now that he can’t practice.

Immediately after being placed in his first race, Langa holds a” capture card” that may just help him win.

And thus begins SK8 The Infinity‘s world of extreme dancing!

The line has also given rise to the SK8 Chill Out! spin-off comic.

For North British people, SK8 The Infinity is streaming on Crunchyroll.

SK8 The Infinity has an intriguing production because it is an original characteristic and not based on earlier gentle books or comics.

The Infinity Production SK8

Hiroko Utsumi developed the unique idea along with Legs. Utsumi is an animation artist, director, and performer best known for helming the film Free! Designed by Kyoto Animation

Prior to her job on SK8 The Infinity, Utsumi even directed Banana Fish.

The set was announced in September 2020, and Ichiro Okouchi, the series’ writer, wrote the script while Utsumi directed it.

If the scooters from the series were built, Utsumi wanted to be certain that they may function in the real world. Ayumi Kakei, an artist, was hired to create the scooters for Reki and Lagna.

In the graphics industry, it is extremely unusual that after Kakei, five artists created each of the specific skateboards used by the series’ characters.

The movements of the characters on their scooters were also influenced by Rodney Mullen, a true skateboarding pro.

Michinori Chiba, who had previously worked on personality models for Mobile Suit Gundam 00, created the figures.

Beyond simply behind-the-scenes data, the series has more information.

The Infinity News on SK8

It was confirmed that the series is a unique OVA event along with the news of Season 2!

The cast and workers from Season 1’s first time may return for Season 2 and the OVA, it has been confirmed.

Keep an eye out for more SK8 The Infinity reports and changes!

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