Star Cast of American Hoggers Where Are They Now? 

American Hoggers

It’s always difficult to learn of the death of a beloved public figure. American Hoggers provided viewers with an authentic look into the lives of the very real Campbell family from Texas. The show highlighted their expertise as professional animal control specialists and game hunters, particularly their skills in managing feral hog populations. The series premiered on A&E on October 19, 2011, and ran for four seasons before the family decided to pursue new ventures. The question remains: what paths have the Campbells chosen to follow since then?

Where’s The All Cast Of The Show “American Hoggers”

The main cast members included:

  • Jerry Dean Campbell
  • Robert “Hunter” Campbell
  • Krystal “Pistol” Campbell
  • Lea Penick
  • Katie Ball

Jerry Dean Campbell

Jerry Dean Campbell, the Patriarch of the family, died in the year 2021. And the death cause of him was not publicly disclosed by his family and keeps it relatively private.

He was known for his enthusiastic spirit and dedicated towards his work.He was very active on social media, interacting with fans. Jerry had a falling out with his daughter Krystal, which moved her to leave the family business and start her own opponent company named “Wild Women Hoggers” with family friend Lea Penick. 

Robert ‘Hunter’ Campbell

Robert “Hunter” Campbell, the elder son of “American Hoggers” patriarch Jerry Dean Campbell, spent years refining his hog-hunting skills on the show. Represented as hot-headed but deeply passionate, Hunter has continued working with animals as a trainer since the series ended in 2013. He lives in Texas with his wife Arah, whom he married in 2014, and their daughter born in 2017. He was less active on social media, so Hunter remains involved in causes he cares about, like wildfire relief efforts, staying true to his family’s legacy.

Krystal ‘Pistol’ Campbell

Krystal “Pistol” Campbell, the youngest Campbell on “American Hoggers”, desired to take over the family’s hog hunting business despite not being a typical cowgirl. A rivalry with her siblings leads to a clash with her father Jerry and motivates Krystal to leave and start her own company “Wild Women Hoggers” with friend Lea Penick. Since the show, Krystal has kept a low profile, she got married in 2013 and calls herself a “CDH Mom”, passionate about raising awareness for the rare birth condition.

Lea Penick

Lea Penick, an “honorary Campbell”, was a key cast member on “American Hoggers” thanks to her barrel racing skills and calm behavior that benefited the family’s hog hunting business. The 32-year-old Texan has appeared in other TV shows and films since the series ended in 2013. While details are limited, Penick’s continued involvement with the Campbells and her love of the outdoors indicates she likely remains active in her passions, even if she has kept a lower profile in the years since “American Hoggers” aired.

Katie Ball

Katie Ball joined the “American Hoggers” cast in Season 4 as a replacement for Krystal Campbell, brought in by patriarch Jerry. However, Robert had concerns about her joining the family’s hog hunting business. Besides this, details about Katie are less, as she is not active on social media. Katie’s involvement with the show and the Campbells seems to have been limited to the final season of the series, which aired its 4th and final season on A&E in 2013.


Which Campbell member dies?

Jerry Dean Campbell was among all the members of the Campbell family.

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