SWORD’s reappearance in One Piece could be setting up a Marine Civil War

Sword Reappearnace in One Piece

On June 17, One Piece Chapter 1117 was released, for whose fans were eagerly waiting for, this time audience saw the sword’s appearance in the series

And it was expected that a marine civil war would start in the One Piece series after the appearance of Sword.

The last time the sword was appeared, saving the captain Koby from the Blackbeard pirates on Hachinose Island.

The reappearance of SWORD, a secretive Marine Special Force, in the One Piece series, could be lead to a Marine Civil War. This conflict could be fueled by internal divisions and power struggles within the Marine organization, mirroring real-world conflicts like the US Marine Corps’ involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Baroque Works and Operation Utopia events may have created divisions within the Marine ranks, setting the stage for a civil war. The secretive nature of SWORD and its involvement in the story could signify the existence of internal power struggles and competing agendas within the Marines.

Tashigi’s grudge against Roronoa Zoro, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, could be a microcosm of the larger conflicts within the Marine organization. Her perception of Zoro as a bounty hunter who disregards the law reflects the tensions and conflicting ideologies that could lead to a civil war.

The Straw Hat Pirates’ involvement in the potential Marine Civil War could amplify the stakes and create a larger narrative. Their interactions with different Marine factions could shape the course of the conflict and its ultimate resolution.

The reappearance of SWORD and the historical parallels with real-world conflicts suggest that a Marine Civil War could be a significant plot point in the One Piece series. This conflict could be fueled by internal divisions, power struggles, and the complexities of the Marine hierarchy, ultimately drawing in the Straw Hat Pirates and other characters in a high-stakes narrative.


What is the reason for the marine civil war in one piece?

The reason for the marine civil war in one piece was the reappearance of Sword.

On which date was the One Piece Chapter 1117 released?

On June 17, the One Piece chapter 1117 was released.

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