Tesco Chocolate Bars Giving Allergies To People


Two of Tesco’s chocolate bars are mixed peanuts in bars with stamping on the packaging of chocolate bars, because of that people get allergies and people are very angry about it. The two companies are Nutty Nougat Caramel Chocolate Bars Multipack and Dreamy Caramel Chocolate Bars Multipack, they have allegations that they are mixing peanuts in chocolate bars without any information about peanuts on the packaging.

Tesco said that This poses a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to peanuts. The chocolate bars are selling six for £1.15, and people say that £1.15 is enough to get serious peanut allergies it is becoming a very serious health condition for people, they are getting hives to anaphylactic shock which need very urgent treatment because if it increases then it will be very dangerous for people and the company.

Food Standards Agency Take On It

Food Standards Agency advertised about the chocolate bar and said if you have any of their chocolate bars do not consume them and return it to any of their shops and get a full refund. The agency said that if you already bought any of their product then return it to any Tesco shop and take your full refund. Tesco is advertising this and in the advertisement, they said if anyone got an allergy because of the chocolate bar then contact Allergy Support Organisations and they will inform their team members about that.

There is also a notice issued by Tesco in which they are telling the reason for the mishappening, in the notice they said it happened because of the lack of correct labeling on the chocolate covers due to a “mispack”. Here is some more information about Nutty Nougat Caramel Bars Multipack Best before 28 February 2025 and Dreamy Caramel Chocolate Bars Multipack Best before 31 January 2025 and 28 February 2025.

Food Standards Agency confirmed that the Dreamy Caramel Chocolate Bars Multipack contains peanuts which is not mentioned on the packaging of the rapper. If you have their product do not consume that and return it to your nearby Tasco shop and get your full refund if you have any queries regarding this then call Tesco Customer Services at “0800 505 555”.


Nutty Nougat Caramel and Dreamy Caramel are of which company?

Nutty Nougat Caramel Chocolate Bars Multipack and Dreamy Caramel Chocolate Bars Multipack are of Tesco Company.

How to get a refund for returning their Chocolate Bar?

If you have any of their chocolate bar then return it to your nearest Tesco shop and the shopkeeper will give you the full refund. 

What is the Tesco Customer Service contact number?

The Tesco Customer Service contact number is “0800 505 555”.

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