Teton Pass Shuts Down Due to a “Massive” landslide


A massive landslide has shut down a part of the road that was between the Jackson, Wyoming, and Idaho border.

On Friday, due to a massive mudslide, the Teton pass was shut down at 4:15 a.m. and violated both the lanes stated by the Wyoming Department of Transportation, WYDOT.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation said early Saturday that the road of milepost 12.8 on Teton Pass had “catastrophically failed” and shared several images on social media that showed the extent of the damage. It was also notified that no one was injured.

Governor’s Statement on Teton Pass Shutdown

“Mark Gordon” the “Governor,” said that on June 8 he received the information regarding the landslide on Teton Pass from the Wyoming Department of Transportation. 

And he was grateful to WYDOT’s efforts to protect the public safety during the situation and he was thankful that no one was injured during the landslide.

He states that the team of WYDOT’s geologists and engineers will reach on-site conduct an assessment and develop a long-term solution to rebuild the Teton pass. 

But till now they haven’t announced the estimated timeline for the road to reopen. 

Teton Pass Shutdown on Thursday

As per the guidelines of WYDOT, the road was closed due to damage to the 12.8 milepost Teton pass because of a massive mudslide. 

The mudslide Lead to a crack and drop in the road, resulting in the unsafe driving condition.

The road was constructed after placing a temporary patch on the road. Officials said that they used to monitor the patch continues.

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