The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date
The Detective Is Now Dead has returned from a successful work for another round of adventures for eager fans, much like Kimihiko’s inspector adventures.

TanMoshi, the anime’s follow-up, was revealed during the MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2022 life flow on July 24.

It’s too early for the ending, along with a dual treat of TanMoshi period 2 truck PV and unique art, were given to delighted fans.

In fact, it is still too early to bid Kimihiko’s illustrious achievements farewell.

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Release time for The Inspector Is Now Dead Season 2

Although neither a day nor an anime season have yet been revealed, ardent fans are encouraged to check this article for updates.

Naturally, information for the transmit date and additional details won’t be far behind since the teaser trailer and Season 2 announcements were now made public.

TanMoshi’s site likewise made the following claim available through their site:

Kimizuka and his companions overcame the ferocious war on the sail ship by facing their history. The later, well-known policeman Siesta’s legacy will start to advance once more. The inspector has passed away now. But her reputation endures forever. The epilogue is so premature.

Season 2 of The Detective Is Now Dead is quickly approaching.

Season 2 Video for The Detective Is Now Dead

You can watch a good promotional video teaser for The Detective Is Now Dead’s upcoming second season from the producers below.

Manga performers Mugiko, poni, Moyashi Ime, and Umibzu, who created the original designs for the light books, also released welcome illustrations in addition to this picture.

History of The Detective Is Now Dying

Kamihiko Kimizuka has drawn attention to problem ever since he was a young boy.

He thought he was cursed from birth, forcing him to join flash crowds in the middle of a walk or being unexpectedly discovered at crime scenes, among other difficult circumstances.

All of this resulted in Kimihiko being abducted one moment and made to board an international flight with a backpack. He first met Siesta, a self-described” famous policeman” who transformed his life, here.

He became Siesta’s chum after assisting her in halting the kidnapping of the aircraft. Together, they worked on many cases for three years prior to Siesta’s unexpected passing.

When left to his own devices, Kimihiko tries to get over this horror and return to normal life while also resolving cases that come his way.

Expectations for Season 2 of The Detective Is Now Dead

Based on the Nigojuu-written and Umibzu-illustrated light novel series, The Detective Is Now Dead.

The line was first released by Media Factory in November 2019 under the MF Bunko J depression, and that same year it was named the 15th Light Novel Rookie of the Year.

Next August 25, 2022, TanMoshi published its sixth level. Viewers can anticipate a few more seasons since the first time just covered the initial two volumes. The primary plot” will need at least five or six more books ,” according to author Nigojuu, in an interview from 2020.

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