Tragic female bodybuilder Alana Paiva, 21, dies in horror hit & run smash while riding on back of boyfriend’s motorbike

Alana Paiva

Brazilian bodybuilder and fitness influencer Alana Paiva, 21, passed away after suffering severe injuries in a hit-and-run injury while riding on the back of her brother’s motorcycle. On October 12, 2023, in Rio de Janeiro’s Campo Grande area, a horrible incident took place.

Local media studies claim that Paiva was riding with her boyfriend, 43-year-old retired military official Uilblim Do Esprito Santo, when a vehicle made an unlicensed move at an intersection and hit their bike. The effect was so powerful that it tore the bike’s handlebars off and knocked the pair to the ground. Without pausing to assist, the drivers of the vehicle fled the scene.

Santo was awake and able to communicate with the doctors who arrived at the scene, but he passed away in the medical four hours later. In critical situation, Paiva was even taken to the hospital, where she was intubated and put into a coma that was medically induced.

The condition of Paiva’s niece was improving, and she was” evolving” and” receiving the necessary care ,” according to an update posted on her Instagram stories on October 17. She even expressed gratitude to her friends and supporters for their prayer and encouragement.

Nevertheless, Paiva succumbed to her wounds and passed away on October 23 despite the best efforts of the health community. On her Instagram accounts, where she had more than 186, 000 supporters, her family posted the news of her passing. On TikTok, where she posted video of her beauty training and conditioning advice, she also had more than 250, 000 fans.

At the Jardim da Saudade de Paciência Cemetery, Paiva was laid to rest on Monday. She was well-known for her skill and passion for athletes and makeup, and many of her fans and friends offered their condolences and homage to the younger influence.

Paiva had competed in a number of athletes and fitness contests, taking home numerous honors and titles. She called athletes a” great sport” that called for self-improvement and discipline. She even made a lot of people laugh with her upbeat demeanor and optimistic outlook.

The van’s vehicle is also wanted by the police, who are still looking into the hit-and-run situation. Thus far, no arrests have been made.

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