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Are you looking for a place to share travel blogs & make your content reach a large audience? Use our “Travel write for us” guest posting section to get your amazing travel content published on our website.

We give chance to travel writers who are enthusiastic about sharing their blogs with people around the world. So if you also one of those who write blogs on travel, vacation, etc. then contact us.

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On What Topics For Travel Write For Us You Can Submit Blogs?

Here is the list of types of Write for us Travel blog topics that you can write:

  • Guides on travel to major cities.
  • Tour guide to famous destinations.
  • Popular places to visit for vacations.
  • Visiting spots for weekends.
  • Incredible road trip blogs.
  • Tips for traveling locally or internationally.
  • Places for seasonal traveling.
  • Latest travel-related news & updates.
  • How to pack for trips.
  • Best travel destinations with kids.
  • Romantic vacation places for couples.

Blog Submission Guidelines For Write For Us Travel

We want our readers to get the best quality content so that they value our blogs. That’s why we have the following rules for Travel write for us blogs:

  • Make sure that the content you provide is unique & relevant to our website.
  • The travel article submitted by you must have at least 800 words.
  • The H2, H3 headings of your article should contain keywords.
  • Your travel blog should not contain any kind of grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • There must be at least one featured quality image included with your article.
  • The article should not be duplicate or spinned content otherwise it will be discarded by us.
  • Remember to keep the content plag-free because we don’t accept plagiarism.
  • We will not offer our Travel write for us guest posting for spammy websites.
  • The live link will be sent to you once we review and publish your travel article. You can share the live link on social platforms where you are active.
  • After your travel content is published, you will not have any right to edit the content. Your article will be optimized by us but we make sure that your keywords & links will stay untouched.

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What Choose Our “Travel Write For Us” Guest Post?

Using our “Write for us Travel” guest post submission you can share your travel ideas with a global audience. By providing us with your valuable content on travel, we will help you build your audience.

Another advantage you get from our “write for us for travel” blog is a quality backlink to your website. Gaining backlinks from a quality website like ours will also boost your web page rankings on SERPs.

When you get a link via submitting a travel post on our site, it will also help your website with increased traffic & better visibility.

What Is The Right Place To Add Link In Travel Write For Us Blogs?

There are two places where you can add your links while writing a guest blog for Write for us Travel. The first option is to add your website’s link within the content body. Make sure to use the right niche-relevant anchor text while adding your link.

The second place to add a link is in the Author bio. You can use a keyword in the author bio to add your link.

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