Tsuyokute New Saga Release Date [Trailer, News]

Tsuyokute New Saga Release Date
Tsuyokute New Saga does finally receive an anime version after finishing its final paragraph a few years before! It is anticipated that the animation will debut in July 2023.

The typical hero-demon king setup from another fantasy anime will be present throughout the entire series. What distinguishes this line, though? In the first season, Demon King has passed away.

However, the price is excessive. Our hero manages to travel back in time by opportunity. He now has the responsibility of averting the terrible catastrophe that may strike the world in the future.

The entire premise is very similar to Redo from Healer( 2021 ), but there is less debauchery and more straightforward planning to avoid the tragedy.

Here is the details at this time. Come get started!

Transfer meeting for Tsuyokute New Saga

It has been confirmed that Tsuyokute New Saga will receive an animation translation. On October 19, 2022, the announcement was made public via its official Twitter account. A revealing festival featuring a physical trailer, PV, cast, and staff was released.

Three days later, AlphaPolis worked with the NICISANJI Vtuber firm. Along with other AlphaPolis comic publications, Rion Takamiya and Natsume Kurusu streamed sit to discuss the anime version.

Tsuyokute New Saga will launch in July 2023, according to the life stream, though the precise date has not yet been made public.

So far, five key puts have been revealed. They consist of,

  • Kyle Lenard’s Uchida Yuuma
  • Seran Leila portrayed by Shimono Hiro
  • As Riize, Fairoiuz Ai
  • Asami Seto as Urza
  • Sildonia Zeeles as Takahashi Minami

Trailer for Tsuyokute New Saga

On October 19, 2022, the PV was made available. Takahashi Minami, who is narrating the story as Sildonia Zeeles, introduces himself at the beginning of the movie.

We can see the producers utilizing CGI technology in action through a few first scenes. Let’s hope that even though it isn’t specifically uncommon for the battle animation picture to use CGI these days, it still ends up being a subpar anime.

Ihara Kenta will oversee the series’ writing, and Ishigooka Norikazu may serve as the anime’s director. Personality design will be provided by Nilitsu, and Anazawa Hironori is in charge of the song.

Three different producers, Sotsu, Yokohama Animation Lab, and Makaria collaborated to create the line.

New Saga Story of Tsuyokute

The Demon Lord waging a war against the earth is the general, well-known notion of Tsuyokute New Saga. Nearly the entire community is pushed to the brink of extinction in just a month.

In a last-ditch effort, the bond is created among the remaining country. To the castle of the beast lord, they dispatch the very wealthy. Kyle Lenard, the Hero, is one of them.

Kyle ultimately kills the Demon King, but at what price? He misplaced everything in the procedure. relatives, friends, loves, and allies. All useless. After killing the Demon King, he finds a peculiar jewel in the room on his death.

He finds it odd that Demon King would risk his life to defend it. He then moves closer to the pearl and grabs it. Light emerges and shines brightly.

He opens his eyes and finds himself in his apartment. Additionally, he sees a companion from his youth who was supposed to be dead the previous month.

He realizes after healing that he travels to the previous before the disaster occurs. Is he stop the tragedy that will haunt the world today that a fresh start has been made?

News of Tsuyokute New Saga

Masayuki Abe wrote and Ryuta Fuse illustrated the Chinese light book Tsuyokute New Saga. Between May 2012 and 2013, it was first made available online on the book publishing platform Shosetsuka ni Naro.

The right to write it was then purchased by AlphaPolis. Ten quantities of the line, which run from April 2013 to July 2018, complete it. The gentle book apparently sold more than 800,000 copies.

A comic version was made available online through AlphaPolis’ manga website in the same year as the gentle novel’s publication. The comic is drawn by Jun Miura, who is responsible for it.

The unique chapter is then divided into ten manga volumes, the most recent of which will be published on October 31, 2022.

It is remarkable that only a few posts are ruining the end, despite the fact that the account has already been concluded several years ago.

It’s also important to note that the three productions also have a limited number of studio activities. Since its founding in 1965, Yokohama Animation Lab and Makaria have both reached the ten-year level, and Sotsu has primarily emerged as a major player in the production industry rather than as an independent theater.

Can Tsuyokute New Saga stand out as one of the best anime series from the summer of 2023 when it has to compete with other well-known series like the second season of Bleach: Thousand – Year Blood War and Jujutsuku Kaisen?

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