A US man drugged his daughter and her friends at a sleepover, sentenced to prison for 2 years

Michael Meyden

A 57-year-old man Michael Meyden suburb of Lake Oswego, was sentenced to prison because he drugged his daughter and her friends because they were not going to sleep. He was sentenced to jail for 2 years. He said “My Whole life is destroyed” to the court.

He told the court that he planned a fun sleepover last summer for her daughter and her three friends. All of them were 12, Micheal wanted them to go to sleep because it was 11 p.m. He wanted them to take a rest because they were tired.

Then Mayden mixed sleeping pills in smoothies and gave them to his daughter and her three friends. Two of them drank smoothies and they got passed out but one of them did not drink the smoothie and did text to one of her family friends. 

After some time she saw that Mayden had come there to check whether everyone was sleeping or not. Then he moved the arm of one of those girls and moved the body of another girl and put a finger in her nose to check if they were sleeping or not.

When her family’s friends watched her text he went there and picked her up and their family informed the other’s girl family about that.  

All girls tested positive for benzodiazepine(a drug that did everything slow in your mind, it is taken for anxiety, surgeries etc). The daughter of Mayden also tested positive.

Other children’s parents said to Mayden when he was sentenced to jail, “No decent parent gives drugs to their child and her friends”, and “No decent parent checks if they are sleeping or not sleeping in a very bad way”. One of the mothers said “No decent parent drugs her daughter and her friend and makes them unconscious without any evil intent”.

According to Mayden, he doesn’t have any intent of doing all this he just wants to go to sleep because he wants everyone will get rest, they are tired. He said my daughter was also there, I didn’t have any intent of doing this all but by mistake, it all happened. He was sentenced to jail for 2 years his words in court were “My Whole life is destroyed”.

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